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Industrial PCB Repairs

Your company has invested a lot in their printed circuit boards (PCBs), so they probably don’t want to pay for new ones every time a circuit board goes bad. Circuit board repair is the solution, but it’s essential to work with experts who have worked with a variety of PCB issues and have the experience needed to handle any problem. Global Electronic Services has exactly what your company needs with our excellent PCB repair services.

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We Can Help With PCB Repair Service

At Global Electronic Services, we have everything you need out of a quality PCB repair service. Our combination of certified, factory-trained technicians and a carefully refined repair process allows us to provide high-quality circuit board repair services. We review the whole board, replacing components with high failure rates and repairing failed components. We also thoroughly test and analyze your device using various methods, such as using a curve tracer signature device.

The result is a printed circuit board repair service that is fast, efficient and effective at getting your boards functioning like new.

Electronic Circuit Board repair services

Electronic Circuit Board Repair Services

A lot of things can go wrong with a circuit board. Some issues, like breaks, are easy to identify, while others may be much more difficult to discover. Fortunately, we have trained specialists who can recognize a great variety of printed circuit board problems and who are also thoroughly experienced with solving each of these problems to help increase the life span of your PCBs.

We offer a wide range of SMT repair services to suit your needs. These services can include, but are not limited to:

Gold Finger Repair

Gold fingers are features on the periphery of your printed circuit board. In this location, they are often subject to solder splash during wave soldering. If your edge contacts are contaminated with solder or otherwise damaged, your PCB may not work as intended.

Our repair technicians can help avoid scrapping boards with gold finger damage. They can accomplish this by repairing or replacing contaminated or damaged contacts, getting your PCB back to a like-new condition.

BGA Pad Repair

BGA pads often become damaged during part removal or as a result of rough handling during transport or cleaning. Because of this damage, the attached parts may no longer operate correctly on the PCB.

Global Electronic Services can help fix BGA pad problems through comprehensive repair and replacement services. We employ a variety of repair techniques collected over our many years of service, allowing us to handle most issues related to BGA pad damage. We also carry a variety of BGA pads to facilitate quick replacement services when necessary.


Plated through-holes and eyelets are critical to the proper functioning of multi-layer boards. These through-holes can sustain damage as a result of rough handling or improper part removal. As a result of this damage, the PCB may no longer work properly.

If your team notices damage to your PCB through-holes, contact Global Electronic Services. We can replace your through-holes by installing new eyelets, bringing the board back to full functionality.

Failed Component Repair

Failing components are a common problem with PCBs but are often difficult to identify. If your team believes your PCB components are failing, Global Electronic Services can help.

Our technicians can pinpoint the problem by thorough testing of all components of the board. This testing will help identify which components, if any, are damaged or not working properly for any reason. Once we have located the faulty component, we can repair it, replace it, or adjust it on the board to make sure it’s working correctly.


Corrosion is a common problem for circuit boards, as it naturally occurs as devices age. Exposure to air, water and other contaminants can result in metal conductors forming a layer of iron oxide or rust. The presence of iron oxide reduces conductivity, reducing the efficacy of a board and increasing the chances for the PCB to short-circuit. Other forms of corrosion can also occur when PCBs are exposed to chemicals in their surrounding environment.

If corrosion is causing problems with your PCB, contact Global Electronic Services for assistance. We can help remove corrosion, and we can train your company on how to clean and maintain your PCBs properly to prevent corrosion in the future.

Impact Damage

Impact damage caused by rough handling or dropping a PCB can manifest in several ways. From damaged gold fingers and broken BGA pads to cracked components, dropping a PCB can do a great deal of harm, much of which can be difficult to identify.

If your PCB isn’t working correctly following an impact-related incident, our technicians can help. We will examine your board thoroughly for signs of damage and run various tests to identify every problem. Instead of replacing the whole board, we can help your company by repairing only the damaged parts, saving you time and money.

Broken Traces

Circuit traces are often damaged during improper part removal or rough handling. Once damaged, these traces can no longer conduct signals, resulting in a malfunctioning PCB.

Our technicians can help repair broken or damaged traces quickly and easily with various techniques. We carry a range of trace styles to facilitate fast turnarounds for repair and replacement services, so you can quickly get your company’s circuit board back to good as new.


Corners and edges on PCBs are easily damaged during transportation and handling. These damaged edges can easily result in delamination and problems with traces and components close to the edge.

If your PCB or prototype sustains edge damage, Global Electronic Services can help repair the defect. Whether the problem requires an epoxy fix or more in-depth repairs, our technicians can solve the problem using their vast experience and range of repair techniques.


Solder masks can often sustain damage or be partially or completely removed due to poor quality or mishandling. Poor solder mask quality can often result in solder mask detachment, while the application of excessive heat or mechanical damage can also result in partial or complete removal. This can cause serious maintenance problems down the road, as well as negatively impact the appearance of the board.

If your board has a damaged or missing solder mask, Global Electronic Services can help. Our technicians can touch up or replace the solder mask and fix it firmly to the rest of the board. With our high-quality technique, we can ensure the solder mask looks good as new.

Populated Boards

Many problems can occur on a populated board. From corrosion and impact damage to excess solder and faulty components, we can analyze your populated PCB to identify and fix problems quickly. With our thorough inspection process, we can find and repair every problem so you can continue working with your good-as-new board. With our high-quality services, you can be confident that your board is completely fixed.

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Soft Start Repair

Printed Circuit Boards in Soft Start Repair

If your company uses soft starters with AC electric motors and your team notices they’re not working effectively, their PCBs might be damaged. When soft starters work properly, they’ll give a motor a unique startup method designed to reduce motor strain usually present in a standard startup phase.

Since these devices are critical to regulating the voltage passing through your company’s motors circuits, you need them to work their best to gain some key advantages, such as reducing the risk of power surges, lowering energy use and improving operating efficiency. When something goes wrong with your company’s soft starters, whether from a malfunctioning PCB or another issue, Global Electronic Services can fix it.

Our technicians know that soft starters tend to fail due to too much current, voltage or heat. As a result, our team will look for common warning signs of these issues and take action to prevent them. For example, if your company’s motors have too much current flowing into them, we’ll fix them, ensuring your short starters don’t overload your motors’ circuits.

FAQs About Circuit Board Repair Services

These are some of the questions we commonly get about repairing PCBs.

What Is Curve Tracer Signature Device?

One tool we may use to assess the needs of your printed circuit board is something called a curve tracer signature device. This device is similar to a Source Measure Unit (SMU), which measures voltage and current at the same time.

Unlike the SMU, the curve tracer typically works by applying two synchronized stimulus signals to the test device. Feel free to contact us at Global Electronic Services for more information about curve tracer signature devices and how we may use them for your printed circuit board repair and testing.

Should I Troubleshoot My PCB First?

Troubleshooting is a great way to identify most of the basic issues that occur with PCBs, especially during the design and prototype process. Troubleshooting is also useful in identifying the most obvious problems with existing PCBs, such as poor connections or obvious breaks.

While this kind of troubleshooting can help with the majority of PCB problems, more detailed troubleshooting should always be conducted by experienced technicians. If you don’t have someone on staff who your company can trust with in-depth PCB troubleshooting and repair, Global Electronic Services can handle all of your company’s repair needs from start to finish.

How Do You Perform Soft Start Troubleshooting and Maintenance?

When your company relies on soft starters for key pieces of machinery, your team will want to know how to troubleshoot them to find out if something’s wrong. If your soft starter displays any error codes, your team may also be able to evaluate what’s wrong by looking up the code in the owner’s manual. However, most soft starter troubleshooting and repairs should be left to a team of professionals.

When our team first troubleshoots a soft starter, they pay attention to a few main indicators that something is wrong with it rather than something else. Some of the primary indicators that a soft starter needs repair include:

  • The soft starter starts, but its bypass contractor doesn’t attract.
  • A soft starter doesn’t work and the motor won’t run, with the soft starter displaying a failure warning.
  • During the starting stage, a soft starter’s air switch sometimes trips.
  • A soft starter starts repeatedly.
  • Unstable current during the start phase, with the current being far too large.
  • Soft starter stops working after an overheating trouble light comes on and flashes during starting.
  • Display screen only displaying messy codes or none at all when the starter doesn’t work or when someone attempts to use it.

After seeing what warning signs are present, our team will take action, making a repair based on the particular warning sign.

Your team can better prevent the need for soft start repair by performing preventive maintenance. A great maintenance program will aim to increase your soft starter’s life span after installation. To accomplish this goal, a company will replace obsolete parts and perform preventive maintenance tasks. Another main portion of soft start maintenance includes having staff check the soft starter’s efficiency and preservation status.

A good maintenance program will also need to keep track of the soft starter’s deterioration trends and take action when you need to replace damaged or worn components. If you can’t replace old components, your maintenance program should take into account other potential solutions. At Global Electronic Services, we can help your team create an in-depth soft starter maintenance program and schedule to follow to prevent issues from occurring.

What Are Common Electronic Board Repair Applications?

Electronic board repair is commonly used in many industries. Digital technology is becoming increasingly pervasive, and you can find printed circuit boards in almost every sector, from manufacturing plants to home and office applications.

Our electronic board repair has proved useful for:

  • Manufacturing Applications: Drives and motors, pumps, sensors, HVAC systems, security systems, measurement and control devices
  • Home Applications: Irrigation systems, HVAC systems, alarm systems and smart home technology
  • Office Applications: Printers, networked computers, security equipment, analytical systems and telephones and other telecommunications devices
  • Laboratory Applications: Testing devices, measurement devices and other analytical equipment

Whatever your company’s printed circuit board needs may be, we can help with extensive repair services. Our expert technicians have seen all types of printed circuit boards and have a firm understanding of the problems that commonly occur with them and how to fix those problems.

If you did not see your company’s particular industry listed above and you’re not sure if your company’s electronics are suitable for the type of printed circuit board repair we offer, you can rest assured they almost certainly are. Please give us a call and let us know what your company’s repair needs are, and we’ll let you know how we can help you.

How we are leading the way in electronic board repair service

Our Repair Process and Repair Techniques

At Global Electronic Services, our highly-efficient process allows us to take many steps to ease our customers’ peace of mind.

  • Fast turnaround: With Global Electronic Services, you won’t have to worry about waiting forever to get your printed circuit boards back. We know you can lose a great deal of productivity and money when you have downtime while your circuit boards are out of commission. As a result, we aim to get you back up and running as soon as possible. Thanks to our method and experience, we can complete most of our PCB repairs within one and five days.
  • Quality repairs: Our experienced technicians can handle any problem, so you don’t have to worry about your boards once you get them back. We are so confident in our quality that we offer an industry-leading 18-Month In-Service Warranty, so once we’ve completed your repair, you know you have a piece of equipment you can rely on.
  • Excellent pricing: With Global Electronic Services, you won’t have to worry about getting slammed with a big bill at the end. We provide an accurate estimate upfront, so you know what to expect. We’ll also beat our best competitor’s price by 10%, so you’ll know you’re getting the best deal.

On top of it all, we put our customers’ satisfaction first. If you have any questions or concerns while we’re working on your printed circuit boards, just call us. We have a live 24/7 support line, so you’ll always be able to talk to a knowledgeable human being about your repair.

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If your printed circuit boards are down and you’re looking for the right way to get them going again, you’ve found it. Global Electronic Services is ready to repair all your PCBs fast. For a free PCB repair quote, call us at 877-249-1701 or contact us online to learn more.

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