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Do you use electronic chart recorders in your business? Do you have a plan for what to do when your electronic chart recorders break down? Perhaps you’ve decided you’ll just buy a new one if that should happen, but this is often not the most cost-effective solution. When you have access to Global Electronic Services’ electronic chart recorder repair, you probably have a much better option.

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Electronic chart recorders

Common Problems With Electronic Chart Recorders

Chart recorders are electronic devices that read and draw data inputs onto rotating paper rolls. These machines enter this information using one or more ink pens that record inputs in various colors as motorized and electronic elements move them while rolling the paper. Electronic chart recorders are versatile devices used in numerous industrial settings, from manufacturing plants and laboratories to office buildings and water purification plants.

Like all machines, chart recorders experience the occasional technical issue or mechanical blip. Luckily, many of these problems are quite common and can be resolved by taking a few simple measures, while others require professional chart recorder repairs.

Chromatogram Won’t Record

There are numerous reasons why electronic chart recorders won’t inscribe a chromatogram. First and foremost, you’ll want to cover the basics and make sure the chart recorder is on. It may seem obvious, but it’s easy to forget to hit the power switch before attempting to record a chromatogram.

Second, double-check to make sure the cap isn’t still on the pen. Your chart recorder can’t take down inputs if the cap is blocking the pen from making contact with the paper roll.

The last simple step to getting your chart recorder in order is to make sure the standby switch is on the “record” position to ensure that the chromatogram will record while performing your experiment.

Peaks Don’t Look Accurate

If the peaks on your paper roll look abnormal or inaccurate, there are a few things you can do to recalibrate your electronic chart recorder. For peaks that look too small or too large, simply adjust the injection volume or the input voltage. Larger injection volumes will generate higher peaks, while higher settings will create smaller peaks.

If your peaks are too close together or too spread out, try modifying the tracking speed. The higher the setting, the faster the paper will scroll, resulting in broader peaks that are further apart from one another.

Paper Won’t Scroll Through the Recorder

You may find that your paper roll isn’t cycling through the recorder. In this case, be sure to check the device’s tracking units featuring the centimeters-per-minute (cm/min) and centimeters-per-hour (cm/hr) settings. The tracking speed numerals correspond directly with the centimeters of paper that scroll through the machine. Typically, cm/hr is relatively slow, so cm/min is the more widely used unit of measure.

Pen Isn’t Functioning Correctly

You may experience occasional recording issues associated with your ink pens, but these problems are generally easy to correct. If your data measurement has stopped abruptly, chances are that your pen is running out of ink. Your environment can also impact your pen’s functionality — for example, dryer conditions can cause your pens to dry out, resulting in absent or poor-quality charts. In either of these cases, simply replace your pen.

Chart Recorder Is Exhibiting Display Problems

Digital display issues, such as frozen, fuzzy, incomplete, unclear or solid black screens, can result from various underlying problems such as software issues, faulty wiring or malfunctioning main boards. The best way to resolve these complications is to take your device to a technician for electronic chart recorder repairs.

We Have the Electronic Chart Recorder Repair Specialists

Instead of taking the time and money to replace your electronic chart recorder, why not get chart recorder repair services from the electronics repair experts? Contact us for your electronic chart recorder repair services, and you’ll find out why even the OEMs come to us when their machines need fixing.

It starts with our factory-trained and certified technicians. Our technicians know a wide range of manufacturers and their equipment. They are familiar with electronic chart recorders from Chessell, Dickson, Honeywell, Barber Colman, Omega and more. We make sure their training is complete and up-to-date, so there’s almost never a problem our professional repair experts haven’t seen.

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We’ll Get Your Electronic Chart Recorder Back to You Fast

Perhaps you’ve been reluctant to send in your electronic chart recorder for repair because you’re concerned about how long it will take to get it back? We hear you.

We know that most businesses can’t afford to have key pieces of electronic equipment sitting on the shelf for weeks. That’s why our standard repair time is only one to five days. If it’s an emergency, we can do rush repairs. You’ll get your equipment back in one to two days in those instances.

We Offer Electronic Chart Recorder Repair Services You Can Trust

One of the biggest benefits of sending your electronic chart recorder to Global Electronic Services for repair is your peace of mind. It starts with our fast estimate, letting you know about how much you can expect to pay up front. It ends with your fully-repaired machine and an industry leading 18-Month In-Service Warranty on your electronic chart recorder.

Add to this our Global Price Guarantee — promising we’ll beat the competition’s price by ten percent — and our expert 24/7 customer service, and it’s easy to see why Global Electronic Services is the only company to contact for electronic chart recorder repair.

We’re Ready to Repair Your Electronic Chart Recorder

No matter if your business uses a strip chart recorder, circular chart recorder, or any of the other many types of chart recorders, we have the skills to fix it fast. There’s no point in putting it off any longer. Relieve your stress by sending us your electronic chart recorder for repair now. Contact us today online to request a quote or give us a call at 877-249-1701.

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