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Decades of experience in maintenance and repairs of industrial and electronic equipment have led us to have a broad inventory of parts and full equipment to help you expand, adapt to new markets or replace mission-critical parts that have experienced a complete failure.

Not only are these the parts and replacements we use in our repair and maintenance services, but we also provide them to you so you can have the spares or replacements you need on your sites.

You know the parts and equipment you need to run an efficient operation. With our surplus electronic sales and services department, you can get everything you require for quick replacements and repairs. You’ll have the capacity to turn an emergency into something you can handle without loss.

Plus, as more components become hot-swappable, we’ll help you get the surplus industrial equipment and parts you need to avoid any shutdown of your lines.

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When you work with us, you’ll find:

– If you’re searching for hard-to-find or obsolete equipment, we are your discovery solution. Contact us to search our inventory to find exactly what you’re looking for. Plus, everything we provide and maintain comes with our 18-month in-service warranty.

– If you know what you need but can’t locate it, we are your inventory solution. Global Electronic Services has a team specifically tasked with discovering new, refurbished and repairable equipment from all over the world. We work every day to increase our inventory, expand our supply lines and provide best-in-class service. Our partnerships also give us a wide range of sources to reach out to if you need a specific part that is uncommon, unique or not currently in our inventory. GES also works with thousands of OEM’s and their preferred vendors, allowing us to reach back years for parts and replacement options for our industrial electronic surplus sales.

– If you need it, our team will make every effort to find it for you! Our commitment is to work tirelessly to find the right solution for you. We’ll look through every available option for surplus industrial equipment and electronic surplus services to determine what you can use in your operations.

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When equipment is unavailable or too far beyond its end-of-life service dates, our industrial electronic surplus sales services team can also make recommendations for equipment replacements and upgrades at affordable rates. That way, you stay ready for whatever the future brings.

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