Repair Process

Global Electronic Services provides truly in-house comprehensive repair services and solutions for most manufacturers as well as new, refurbished and obsolete equipment. We have a 1-5 day standard turnaround time and free 24-48 hour rush service with true load testing, full function testing and an 18-month in-service warranty on every repair.

Our extensive parts department stocks thousands of common failure components as well as those thought to be obsolete. Track the process of your repair through our Secure Customer Repair Portal, where you can also approve, track, view your order history and even pay for your orders. Once you’ve reviewed our repair process, be sure to request a quote above or ask one of our skill technicians a question.

Why Choose Us

  • In-House Repair Service In-House Repair Service
  • 18 Month In-Service Warranty 18 Month In-Service Warranty
  • 1-5 Day Standard Turnaround 1-5 Day Standard Turnaround
  • Free 24-48 Hour Rush Service Free 24-48 Hour Rush Service
  • 10% Price Guarantee 10% Price Guarantee
  • Full Load Testing Full Load Testing
  • 1 Step
    • Received repair logged into system
    • Uniquely barcoded
    • Tech evaluation completed
    • Needed repair parts list produced
    • Within 24 hours – customer quote created
    • Submitted for customer approval by email and phone call
  • 3 Step
    2 Step
    • Approval received from customer
    • Technician assigned to unit
    • Unit disassembled for repair
    • Component level troubleshooting and assessment looks for electronic signatures to determine functionality levels and performance.
  • 4 Step
    • True load testing and simulation stations determine faulty conditions and failure
    • Repair is completed
    • Additional testing under load conditions ensures peak performance
    • Repair sent to cleaning station and then to Quality Assurance
  • 5 Step
    • Suitable cleaners for electronics, degreasing and oil traces are used for a thorough cleaning
    • If appropriate, the repair moves to a moisture drying room
    • All repairs are prepared to be in a ready state for immediate installation upon customer receipt
  • 6 Step
    • Final pre-ship QA is done by QA personnel
    • The repair is prepped for packing
    • Packaging determinations, or custom packaging, are made to ensure safe travel based on size, shape and weight of the repair
    • The repair is invoiced after shipment and available to view in full detail in the online Secure Customer Portal

Authorized Service Center and Distributor For

  • Toshiba TOSHIBA
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