Safety Relays

Risk management for machines and processes is necessary for any business to keep their equipment components and employees as safe as possible. Safety relays are a piece of safety equipment that will help reduce the risks in your facility from electrical malfunctions.

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What Is a Safety Relay?

A safety relay is a special relay type that responds to electrical hazards by reducing the risk safely. They can help your company meet safety standards to operate in a way that safeguards your equipment and personnel and gives your machinery a long service life.

Since each safety relay monitors a particular role, connecting many units provides a comprehensive protection system for the entire machine or facility. Some of these roles include:

  • – Monitor the position of moveable guards
  • – Shut off the power or stop operation for emergencies
  • – Stop a movement in a safe and controlled way
  • – Interrupt a closing movement


Uses for Safety Relays

Safety relays have become increasingly popular due to their reliability, compact design, ability to meet industry standards and training-free operation. They are used with control devices where safety is vital, such as:

  • – Three-position devices
  • – Interlock safety switches
  • – Safety mats
  • – Magnetic switches
  • – Light curtains
  • – Emergency stop buttons
  • – Two-hand control devices
  • – Non-contact safety sensors


Common Problems and Questions About Safety Relays

Though regular relays and safety relays may seem similar, it is crucial that only safety relays are used for safety applications. There are some safety instances where you can use a regular relay because a fault could cause a loss of the safety function. For other applications, the safety function must not be lost, making the safety relay necessary.

Safety relays were designed to replace safety circuits made of regular relays and contactors because these circuit systems can get complicated. Safety relays are a simple solution and allow you to ensure that the safety functions are working as expected.

Using a safety relay is important because it can help mitigate the risks of machines and automation. Safety measures are required by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) in the United States, so your business has a legal obligation to make your facility safe.

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