We Ship & Receive Internationally

For our customers located throughout the world we are ready to receive and ship packages worldwide. All items are packaged with the highest level of care and all boxes are packed to exceed all carrier standards. Whether the item is being shipped within the United States or across the world, we make sure it arrives in perfect condition. Our dedication to customer service doesn’t end with the repair, our shipping department will also make sure your item is back in your hands in a safe and timely manner.

Convenience at  your fingertips!  Sending a repair in is easy!  Print a packing slip and include it with your repair.

Packing Slip – East Coast Facility
Packing Slip – West Coast Facility
Packing Slip – Spanish – East Coast Facility
Packing Slip – Spanish – West Coast Facility

Please note, Global Electronic Services, Inc is not responsible for lost or damaged items due to shipping.  Items needing to be repaired again due to shipping will not be covered under warranty and will be quoted to you again.  Please indicate if you wish to insure your shipment. Items approved without shipping indications will be shipped UPS Ground  or Fed Ex Freight without insurance at your own risk.

Global Electronic Services shipping package
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