Industrial Automation and Control Connection Systems

Industrial automation is the next step in improving manufacturing and production efficiency. With industrial automation and control connection systems, you can ensure that your automation systems have a continuous flow of signal and power. At Global Electronic Services, we supply various Allen-Bradley connection system accessories to help you build a lighting-fast industrial automation system. We carry the following and more:

  • – Connection accessories
  • – Ethernet media connectors
  • – Distribution boxes
  • – Termination boxes
  • – Patch cords
  • – Micro cord sets
  • – Valve cord sets
  • – Mini receptacles
  • – Splitters


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What Are Industrial Automation and Control Connection Systems?

The evolution and widespread adoption of automation systems call for commercial control connection systems that can stand up to the test. An industrial automation and control connection system creates a smooth flow of power and data by providing automatic systems with a reliable connection and signal distribution. Industrial automation and control connection systems increase production and efficiency within wiring systems and equipment.

Control connection system equipment tends to fall into the following categories:

  • Cordsets and field attachables: When you’re setting up secure connections for limit switches, sensors and other field devices, look for cordsets, patchcords, distribution boxes, splitters and tees, panel-mount receptacles and field-attachable connectors.
  • Network media: Network media is designed to give your technology an edge in ControlNet™, Ethernet and DeviceNet™ connection and speed.
  • Power media connection devices: With power media connection devices, you can improve auxiliary and control power with plug-and-play equipment. Power media connection devices include three-phase power media, cordsets, patchcords and drop cables.


There are two main types of industrial automation connection systems — M series connectors and DIN valve connectors. M series connectors are used for automation and sensor systems. They use a circular design to create extremely reliable and resilient seals that make them ideal for protecting against dust and water incursion. Comparatively, DIN valve connectors are used in manufacturing, signal transmission and temperature sensing. DIN valve connectors combine supreme sealing power with an easy-to-use connection system.

Benefits of Industrial Automation and Control Connection Systems

Installing industrial automation and control connection systems gives your technology the following advantages.

  • Improved productivity: Implementing an industrial automation system increases your business’s productivity by improving your efficiency and eliminating human error. It takes a powerful control connection system to let you get the most out of your hardware.
  • Increased reliability: Industrial automation and control connection systems improve the reliability of relay signals and power sources and ensure that your system is running as quickly and reliably as possible.
  • Prevention of downtime: With a reliable control connection system in place, you can minimize the chance of downtime and ensure that your operations continue as usual.


Industrial Automation and Control Connection Systems From Global Electronic Services

Global Electronic Services has worked with more than 60,000 manufacturers and distributors across the world to bring our customers the best industrial automation and control connection systems the industry has to offer. We fully function and load test all of our equipment to ensure that it’s in perfect working order before you receive it. Browse our selection and request a quote for help finding the right control connection system.

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