Servo Motor Repair

Servo Motor Repair Process

Servo Motors are becoming more and more common in today’s industries where precision control of shaft position, rotation, torque and speed are needed. Found in just about every industry on equipment such as machine tools, robotics, and anywhere there is an automated process, having a trusted repair source for Servo Motors is key to avoiding costly downtime. Global Electronic Services’ certified technicians follow a strict, step-by-step process for all our servo motor repairs.

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The process looks like this:
• The repair is visually inspected to look for obvious failures such as burn marks, corrosion, fractures, poor connections
• The feedback cover is removed, and the device is closely examined. Electrical tests are performed to determine if the feedback can be safely powered. At this time the feedback is also disconnected so that the motors windings can be checked without damaging it
• Motor windings are tested using an AWA Analyzer. This device performs Megger, High Potential, Resistance Balance and Surge Testing on the motor.
• In the case of Servo Motors utilizing magnets KE or Voltage constant tests are performed
• Machine Work including Keyway, Shaft repair, Bearing Journal Work are performed if needed
• New Bearings and Sealing Components are installed on every repair
• The Feedback is tested on the Mitchell Electronic System whether it be Resolver, Encoder, Tachometer
• If faulty the feedback device is either repaired or replaced

Servo Motor Maintenance Services

Global Electronic Services is a qualified One Source Solution, enabling us to perform maintenance and repairs on all encoders, tachometers and resolvers for all servo motor repairs. You get everything you need in a single industrial servo motor repair service.

Part of our rigorous review includes feedback testing and repair. This maintenance is necessary because it ensures your servo motor and drive are at top performance. Feedback devices give us a way to deliver information to the control for speed, rotation direction, position accuracy, deceleration, acceleration rates and relative position of the rotor to the stator.

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Here are just a few of the feedback tests and devices included in our industrial servo motor maintenance and repair offerings:
• Check the pulse stream of all wave forms with an oscilloscope
• Check the relationship of the A, A*, B, B* signals with and oscilloscope
• Check the Z, Z* signals with an oscilloscope
• Line level check all lines to verify that none are missing
• Line count with a digital pulse counter
• Run at continual count at operating speed check
• Measure the offset from signal A to signal B.
• Measure the “on” versus the time “off” of the pulses.

GES Leading Servo Motor Capabilities

Your operations need to reduce downtime and minimize disruptions with every repair you choose.

So, we’ll help you maintain production schedules by delivering reliable repairs and maintenance right when you need them. It’s the Global Electronic Services commitment to provide superior customer service and quality repairs, helping every client’s facilities get back up and running as quickly as possible.

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