Power Modules

Industrial and commercial facilities are typically familiar with industrial power modules. Power modules are found in countless electrical machines, appliances and devices ranging from motor drives to medical supplies. These pieces of equipment are vital components of any electronic system, keeping them running with efficient power usage.

If your module experiences complications or your power supply goes out, it’s vital to secure a replacement power module to minimize downtime for your company.

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What Are Power Modules?

Power modules are devices that perform motor power switching and enhancement in electric servo and variable speed drives. These control circuit and power switching elements are joined with isolated base packages, offering many circuit ratings and configurations. Their innovative designs are optimized for easy motor drive function, a long life cycle, fast assembly and dependable operation.

What Are the Different Types of Power Modules?

All industrial power modules share the same general purpose, but there are many different types with their own advanced uses, features and benefits. Three particularly popular models include shunt, communication and feedback encoder modules.

Shunt Modules

Shunt modules get their name from their function, where the regulating element shunts the electrical currents to the ground. These industrial modules operate by delivering constant voltage across terminals while taking up the surplus current to maintain the voltage across the load.

Shunt regulators are an exceedingly beneficial component for linear power supply technology.

Communication Modules

The purpose of communication modules is to manage message exchange between modules on different robots, interacting closely with the message system. Communication power modules perform three essential tasks in the grand scheme of the message system:

  • – Maintain aliases, or the module ID for a group of team members
  • – Deliver incoming messages from other robots
  • – Send outgoing messages to other robots


Feedback Encoder Modules

Feedback encoders are power modules that convert motion into a signal that another device reads, creating an exchange in feedback and controlling specific events. These devices increase accuracy and efficiency in many industrial and commercial processes.

Optical incremental encoders are one of the most prominent types of feedback encoders. These models provide single-channel and quadrature outputs for industrial devices, depending on the system’s needs.

Uses for Industrial Power Modules

Because power modules such as shunt, feedback and communication modules work in many distinct applications, they are widely used across both industrial and commercial industries. Some of their many uses include:

  • – Medical.
  • – Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC).
  • – Uninterruptible power supply (UPS).
  • – Motor starters and controls.
  • – Appliance.
  • – Power supplies.
  • – Transportation.
  • – Welding.
  • – Switches.
  • – Inverters.
  • – Battery charging.
  • – Conveyors and converters.


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