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Industrial Drive Parts

Industrial drives are used in the production industry to supply and control the energy of a machine, and they are designed to suit a wide range of applications. By using prime movers as a source of energy, these types of drives can accomplish everything from steering to moving materials.

While there are different types of drives, such as mechanical drives, the most common type used in modern industries is an electric drive.

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What Are Industrial Drive Parts?

To power the energy responsible for moving a machine, industrial electric drives usually rely on AC or DC motors and a variety of drive parts. The motor works with a drive or inverter along with different sensors and switches. These parts all work together to control the torque, position and speed of the machine. This is accomplished by varying voltage and frequency of the power supply that goes to the motor.

Industrial drives also rely on trains, pumps and fans to run.

Uses for Industrial Drive Parts

Industrial drive parts are used by thousands of manufacturers and distributors. They are most commonly used to control a machine’s compressor, fan or pumps.

Whether the industrial parts are used in textile mills, washing machines or robotics, they can be used for various purposes including:

  • – Automating industrial processes
  • – Converting energy from renewable resources to transmit it to the electrical network
  • – Enhancing process control
  • – Ramping up or ramping down the motor to decrease mechanical stress


Find the Industrial Replacement Parts You Need at Global Electronic Services

Your industrial drive controls important functions in your equipment. A worn or broken part can cause time-consuming and expensive delays for your company.

At Global Electronic Services, we have the replacement parts you need to get your drive back up and running again. You’ll be able to browse our wide range of new, surplus and refurbished equipment. You’ll also find plenty of obsolete and hard-to-find equipment available for purchase.

We carry key industrial drive replacement parts including:

  • – External fans
  • – Internal fans
  • – Surge suppressors
  • – Heatsink fans
  • – Bus capacitor kits
  • – EMC grounding plates

Because most industrial drives use a fan to control ventilation, you’ll find an array of fans on our site as well. From cooling fans to fan inverters, you’ll find the replacement parts you need to increase the ventilation, cool the machine and extract harmful fumes.

Benefits of Buying Industrial Drive Parts at Global Electronic Services

When you buy industrial replacement parts from Global Electronic Services, your company can expect to find the right product to repair your drive. In addition to our extensive inventory, we also offer repair services. We have an experienced team and use the latest technology to diagnose and repair your company’s drive and prevent issues from reoccurring.

We also offer a full 18-month in-service warranty with every repair.

Order Your Industrial Drive Parts Today

If your company is in need of industrial drive replacement parts, Global Electronic Services has hundreds of parts available on our site.

Our customer service team is available 24/7 to answer any questions you might have about these parts. Just give us a call at 877-249-1701 or contact us online, and we’ll help you find the best solution.

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