Dry Type Transformers

The electric current voltage at the power plant is high enough for long-distance distribution, meaning it is also much higher than typical electronic equipment needs. A transformer is an electrical component that will increase or decrease the voltage, according to the equipment’s power requirements, by modifying the frequency. There are many kinds of transformers, one of which is the dry type transformer.

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What Is a Dry Type Transformer?

A dry type transformer has its core and windings in a sealed tank with pressurized air. It is considered “dry” because it does not use any insulating liquid.

Dry type transformers can be broken down further into four categories:

  • Cast resin dry type transformer: The secondary and primary windings have an epoxy resin coating that impedes moisture from getting into the winding. Moisture can damage the transformer, so this protection is necessary for high-moisture areas.
  • Vacuum pressure impregnated transformer: The windings are made from high-temperature insulation and materials that are coated with sealants through a vacuum pressure impregnation method.
  • Vacuum pressure encapsulated: The transformers are made of a silicone-based resin that generates a varnish that is resistant to salt, humidity, acid and other environmental damage. It is made by dip processes and heat curing.
  • Open wound transformer: The coils are heated, dipped in varnish and baked for curing, using a dip-and-bake method.


Uses for a Dry Type Transformer

The common applications for dry type transformers include industries that need safe and dependable power, such as:

  • – Renewable power generation
  • – Fire risk regions
  • – Chemical, gas and oil industry
  • – Inner-city substations
  • – Environmentally sensitive areas
  • – Indoor and aboveground substations


Common Questions and Problems With Dry Type Transformers

The main issue that dry type transformers experience is moisture in the windings. Moisture comes from humidity, dampness and temperature fluctuations in the transformer’s environment. It’s damaging to the insulation, which in turn harms the coils.

You can check the insulation, coils and auxiliary devices for contaminants, corrosion, rusting and other malfunctions. You can also conduct a test for the presence of moisture by testing the resistance between individual windings and each winding and ground on the primary and secondary windings.

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