A drive controls the electrical energy sent to an electronic device’s motor. It controls a motor’s speed and torque by feeding electricity at varying frequencies and in varying amounts. Since drives see a lot of wear and tear, there will likely come a time when one needs repair or replacement.

Drives typically fall into two categories: servo drives, which control speed and torque while allowing for complex movements, and inverter drives, which only control speed and torque.

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Servo Drives

Servo drives are also called amplifiers. They send energy to the motor and play a critical role in a servo motor’s functionality. Knowing which type of drive your company’s devices use is key to correctly diagnosing and correcting a problem with your system. It’s also essential for choosing the right replacement part when repairing a machine.

AC Drives

AC drives allow you to increase the energy efficiency of your company’s AC motors. Many industries use AC drives, and some of the most common applications for them include pumps, fans and compressors. Installing an AC drive on a motor does more than improve efficiency. It also reduces mechanical stress.

DC Drives

While AC drives convert alternating current input to direct current and then back to alternating current — saving energy in the process — DC drives convert alternating current to direct current. They power DC motors. Like AC drives, DC drives control the speed and power in a motor.

AC drives are often the more popular option, but DC drives have their place. A common use for DC drives is in high-torque, low-speed applications. For example, a crane motor often requires a DC drive.

Drive Seals

Drive seals keep fluids, such as oil, from leaking out of the rotating shaft of a drive. Rotating shafts are commonly found in electronic devices. They need to stay lubricated to minimize heat and friction.

Drive seals consist of a steel case surrounded by a thermoplastic or elastomeric material. The seal presses against the shaft to prevent leaks. To ensure the most protection, your company needs to choose drive seals that are the right size for the application. A seal that is too large or small won’t adequately seal in fluid.

Variable Frequency Drives

Variable frequency drives adjust a motor’s speed so that it matches the output required by industry. They are commonly used in HVAC, water treatment and industrial applications. Variable frequency drives provide an energy-efficient fix for variable speed applications.

AC Inverter Drives

AC inverter drives are more complex versions of AC drives. They are ideal for use when the goal is a significant energy reduction.

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