AC & DC Motor Repair

Bearing Changes

Over fifty percent of all failures that occur in a motor will be bearing related. This makes perfect sense as the word “bearing” essentially means “to bear a load” and is a component that is under constant friction and mechanical force. For this reason, it is often first to fail. We know the importance of changing a bearing on every motor repair and it is done as standard procedure, every time.

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Machine Work

Our full machine shop allows us to machine endbells, keyways, shafts and more all in house. This adds both a time and money saving benefit to our customers. These repairs include keyway cutting, turning and undercutting commutators, shaft fabrication and Tig, Mig and Stick Welding. Our service center equipment includes:
• Lathes
• End Mills
• Punch Press
• Vertical Press
• 30 Ton Bearing Puller
• Vertical Cut-Off Saw
• Dry Abrasive Blasters
• Coil Winding Machine
• Lathe Type Undercutter
• Tig, Mig And Stick Welders


As one of the few repair companies that offers in-house rewinding services, we have perfected the process of rewinding motors to ensure an exceptional repair. Our skilled winding technicians have the ability and equipment to rewind any kind of industrial motor including AC, DC, Servo and Spindle motors. Many motor shops only rewind above a certain horsepower or are limited to a specific type of motor. We do not operate under this constraint and can rewind all types including random, concentric, lap, form coil and armature rewinds. Our repair process:
• Windings are carefully stripped while maintaining the strength and structure of the core
• Technicians carefully record and measure the wire size, span, turns and number of conductors within the motor coils as well as grouping and internal wiring
• Coils are burned out using a pollution-controlled furnace at carefully regulated temperatures
• Bad coils are removed and the core is blasted clean using non-destructive media to prevent eccessive efficiancy losses
• Motors that are highly contaminated with oil or grease within the laminations are pressure cleaned at high temperature with a industrial alkaline based degreaser
• A Winding Technician then makes new coils using only VFD rated magnet wire. Motors that are run with a VFD are subject to more electrical stress than if using a starter and for this reason only VFD shielded wire is used.
• H class insulation is installed and then windings are dipped and baked.
• Motor Windings are tested with an AWA analyzer both before and after the rewind process

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Dynamic Balancing

With any rotating apparatus, such as a Rotor or DC Armature, it is vital for it to be perfectly in balance on all sides. If there is more weight on one side of the component it will wobble as it rotates causing failures due to vibration and instability. These problems get exponentially worse the higher speed the motor runs. Failures that can occur due to imbalance issues in rotating groups include:

• Premature Bearing Failure
• Broken mounting feet
• Destruction of driven equipment or other machine failures
• Overheat in the motor causing winding failure

Balance tests:

• Vibration Sensing Equipment and Dial Calipers are used to detect vibration as the Motor is ran at full RPMs
• If an Imbalance is detected the rotating group is removed and the imbalance is corrected using one of our Dynamic Balancing Machines
• Balancing can be performed at NEMA or Mil Spec Certifications and a balancing report can be obtained upon request

Dyno Testing For Motors

Dynamometer testing is the only way to put a 100% Full Load Test on your repaired Electric Motor. it is the process of your motor coupled with another motor that turn in opposite directions presenting resistance to each other, creating a load. We run these motors to maximum load to ensure you motor will be right the first time.

Clean and Paint

Painting an industrial motor is not as simple as running to the hardware store and buying can of spray paint. Special considerations must be made that are specific to the type of motor and what application it is being used. For this reason, we carry only the highest quality, motor-specific paints in our paint booth such as high-temp, chemical resistant, food service, or outdoor purpose enamels. Every rebuilt motor gets cleaned and repainted, so you get a like new motor back that is backed by our 18-month in-service warranty.

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Full Electric Motor Rebuild Service Includes

Global Electronic Services performs complete electric motor rebuilds, both AC and DC motors, in our own facilities. You have leading industry technicians working on every step including bearing changes, machining, rewinding, dynamic balancing and dyno testing.

Offering a full range of motor build services also means running a complete testing and diagnostic program. So, every electric motor rebuild or repair service we perform includes tests, such as:

– Rebuild Process Includes
– Core Loss Test
– Surge Test
– Polarization Index
– DC Highpot
– Megohm
– Winding Resistance
– Armature Test
– Vibration Analysis
– Full Load Test

These options let us know that your electric motor is back up to its full operational status and helps us ensure you will have the parts and service your equipment needs for a long operational life. Our goal in every build or repair is to get you back to OEM standards.

We extend the same 18-Month In-Service Warranty to all of our builds and repairs, so you never have to worry about the quality of work you receive.

Complete Shop Services

GES offers full AC & DC motor build repair services in our own facility, meaning we have all the equipment necessary to properly inspect your motors, identify problems, make repairs, machine parts for replacements, perform builds and then perform a complete follow-up audit to ensure rebuild success.

We specialize in having the knowledge, tools and expertise to get your rebuild done right. So, whenever you are in need of an electric motor repair, we offer full AC and DC motor repair services under one roof to keep your operations efficient and your ROI significant.

Plus, all our repair and replacement services are backed by our GES promise, from the full warranty to beating any qualified bid by 10 percent or more. You’ll get access to both standard repair schedules as well as rush services, with factory technicians managing every step so there’s no loss of quality.

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