Molded Case Circuit Breakers

Excessive current can damage your equipment. A molded case circuit breaker (MCCB) is an interrupting device that detects and resolves short circuits, under-voltage and overcurrent cases. They can handle many voltages and frequencies up to 2,500 amps and 50 to 60 Hz frequencies.

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What Is a Molded Case Circuit Breaker?

An MCCB is an electrical protection device that safeguards electrical circuits from excessive currents that cause overloads and short circuits. It has a thermal element (temperature-sensitive) and a magnetic element (current-sensitive) that work together to trip the circuit for:

  • Electrical faults from short circuits: The solenoid coil creates a small electromagnetic field when there is a current passing through it. If there is a short circuit, there is a larger current flow through the solenoid, resulting in a stronger electromagnetic field that pulls the trip bar and opens the contacts.
  • Protection from overloads: The thermal element heats and bends when the electrical flow is more than the trip value. It will bend until it pushes the trip bar, unlatches the contacts and interrupts the circuit.
  • Switches for disconnection: An arc can be formed when the contact is open, so an MCCB has internal arc dissipation to stop it. The MCCB is a manual disconnection switch when the circuit needs to be shut down for maintenance or emergencies.


Molded Case Circuit Breaker Applications

Because of their high current capacity, MCCBs are used in heavy-duty applications like:

  • – Generators
  • – Welding machines
  • – Motors
  • – Capacitor banks
  • – Electric feeders
  • – Large PV systems


Their adjustable trip settings also make them useful for low current applications.

Problems and Questions With Molded Case Circuit Breakers

Many MCCB owners have questions about maintenance since it is essential for the part’s reliability. Some ways that your company can make sure your MCCB is in its best shape includes:

  • Cleaning: Vacuum your MCCB to get rid of dirt. Dirt can cause component deterioration and electrical faults. Cleaning your MCCB also aids visual inspection.
  • Visual inspection: Look over your MCCB for signs of damage, like contact or casing burns from electric arcing or casing cracks or deformed contacts from overheating.
  • Lubrication: If your MCCB can be opened, lubricate the parts to make sure they move correctly.


Why Order Your Industrial Electronics From Global Electronic Services?

Global Electronic Services sells new molded case circuit breakers and also performs expert repairs. Our inventory contains thousands of MCCBs from various manufacturers, including obsolete, new, refurbished and surplus units, offering a variety of options for your company to select from.

If your MCCB requires maintenance, our factory-trained technicians will make all necessary repairs. Because we stock thousands of parts in-house, you’ll get your MCCB within one to five days for minimal downtime.

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Call on Global Electronic Services for all your molded case circuit breaker needs. Look through our options on this page and place your order today. If you have any questions, get in touch with our customer service team at 877-249-1701.

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