Industrial Communication Modules

In applications that use machinery, it’s often necessary for two or more separate systems to communicate. One system may control the other or need to share data as part of a specific process. Industrial communication modules are the part of the larger system that facilitates this data transfer. 

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What Are Industrial Communication Modules?

Communication modules exchange messages between robot modules or programmable logic controllers (PLCs), performing these three tasks:

  • – Maintaining aliases
  • – Forwarding incoming messages from other robots
  • – Sending outgoing messages to other robots

Aliases are the zones, shapes and objects used in messages in the robot’s software. The processes of forwarding and sending messages do not require any input from a person. The communication module works with the message system and functions. These modules are available with wired and wireless options. 

Types of Communication Modules

There are a few different types of communication modules available, including:

  • Ethernet adapters: Ethernet adapters are cards that plug into a computer’s motherboard to offer access to the Ethernet network. The Ethernet port on the computer is wired to a router or switch. The computer can connect to the internet through the network or the modem. Ethernet adapters can be used for stand-alone computers or integration with many computers.
  • AC drives: Alternating current (AC) drives are used for applications that need to flexibly control mechanical performance. These devices can control outputs and functions based on input information while tracking data like runtime hours. AC drives have Ethernet ports to connect the communication module to Ethernet for data exchange.

Industrial Communication Modules Applications

Communication modules are used in factory facilities to digitally transfer data between PLCs, robots and other devices. As more factories use industrial internet of things (IIoT) technology, this communication is increasingly essential.

Common Problems and Questions With Industrial Communication Modules

When choosing an industrial communication module for your factory, there are some requirements you may have to meet:

  • Standards compliance: The communication module may need to be certified by a governing body or comply with particular specifications.
  • Network efficiency: Your communication module must be compatible with the equipment you want to use it with.
  • Security: Many communication modules use a unique global IMEI that cannot be tampered with. Since the IMEI is not visible, it is less likely to be hacked. Industrial communication modules also prevent unauthorized activities. 

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