Global Rewards

Global Rewards is a promotional program by Global Electronic Services. To qualify, customers must register by sending an email each month to Maximum of one registration per location.

You must have approved and received an invoice for repair work with the required amount on or before the last day of the current month you are registered for. Customer accounts that are registered will automatically be reviewed for eligibility after the close of that month. If you meet the simple criteria, you will receive your promotional prize item within 30 days of your selection.

Please note: You must send an email to each month to ensure that you are registered for the monthly promotion. Promotions end the last day of every month.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, rewards may be back ordered and the delivery date may be extended. We reserve the right to discontinue an item or to substitute a similar item of like value. Rewards are not warrantied by GES. Please call the manufacturer regarding warranty issues. We provide no guarantee that any reward will remain available for the entire term of the rewards catalogue. Apple is not a participant in or sponsor of this promotion. Updated: September 2019.

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