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Global Electronic Services has excelled in the repair and rebuild of AC & DC motors for over a decade. We employ certified technicians and machinist of the highest skill and training. Quality repair, reliability and turnaround is our priority. When you have a motor to be evaluated, tested or repaired…Think Global Electronic Services!

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AC/DC Electric Motor Testing Services

We feel that it is important to educate the customer the proper testing equipment and procedures. So, you can contact us at any time to learn more about our methods and testing procedures or to learn the status of your DYNO electric motor testing and repair service order.

Testing services for electrical motors include:

  • Core Loss Test
  • Surge Test
  • Polarization Index
  • DC Highpot
  • Megohm
  • Winding Resistance
  • Armature Test
  • Vibration Analysis
  • Full Load Test
  • Detailed Documentation of Testing Procedures

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Testing Equipment Available for AC and DC Electric Motor Testing Services:

Baker AWA IV – Supports all major tests in a single portable unit that includes surge, polarization index, DC highpot, megohm, and winding resistance.

Phenix Core Loss Tester – Determines if the core has damage iron. The Core Loss Tester is performed prior to the windings being removed to determine the integrity of the core and then is tested once again after the windings are removed.

Baker D12000 – Tests the 3 surge wave patterns with amplitude and time base. This equipment also test DC highpot voltage, DC highpot leakage current, insulation resistance

Entek IRD Analyzer and Balancer – Test the machinery’s vibration, dynamic balancing, RPM, velocity pickups and magnetic bases.

Dynamometer – Tests horsepower, torque and speed. By placing a controllable load on electric motors with various horsepower, the dynamometer can look at your power outputs in multiple scenarios and ensure your motor is running at its top available operational efficiency.

Watch Full Load Dynomometer Test on an Electric Motor 

Global Electronic Services Dynamometer Testing Services and More

The DYNO testing services we offer can test some of the most crucial factors of your motor’s performance, including power and torque output. It uses multiple variables to test for power by measuring a simultaneous rotational speed and torque.

Dynamometers are a standard piece of testing equipment beyond traditional motor checks because of their ability to help gauge engine and motor activities from calibration to tribology. Dynamometers operate with both alternating current and direct current motors thanks to universal control units that support DC and AC electric motor testing operations.

There are also specialized options for each motor type such as a variable-frequency drive for AC motors and the DC drive control unit for DC motors. But by relying on universal dynamometers, we can also look at other issues detailed in engine testing, such as pumping losses or checking for increased friction.

Turn to Global Electronic Services for Your Needs

Beyond DYNO electric motor testing services, Global Electronic Services is able to perform a broad set of work and testing on your AC and DC motors. We offer a full in-house rebuild and repair shop with machining capabilities to ensure you have a motor in perfect working order.

A full testing facility also means we put your motor through real-world testing, so it’s proven to be reliable and ready to be re-inserted into your operations. Everything we do is backed by an 18-Month In-Service Warranty that exceeds the industry-standard 12-month option and covers all our parts and services.

On top of that promise, we’ll also beat any competitor’s price by ten percent when you present us with a qualified bid. We’re that confident in our abilities to repair or build your motor and get it back to you that we also offer a standard repair time of one to five days with free one to two-day rush service available.

Give your company the cost-savings and efficiency maintenance it needs, plus have a team of qualified customer service representatives available to you 24/7 to discuss the status of your repairs and to provide any additional information you may require.

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