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On-Site Assessment

Facility maintenance consulting always begins with a direct visit to your site, so we know exactly how you run and where your performance goals are and need to be. Then we offer realistic solutions designed specifically for you. Here’s what you can expect from on-site facility maintenance consulting services from Global Electronic Services:

– On-site assessment services provide an independent view of plant’s operations.
– Experts will analyze your plant’s facilities and provide areas of immediate opportunity for improvement in your manufacturing process and purchasing performance.
– Receive objective information to increase efficiency and reduce costs.
– Generate a plan to introduce long-term savings for maintenance and equipment choice.

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Purchase Analysis

With our outsourced electronic equipment maintenance consulting also comes a detailed review of purchase options for your operations. This additional service comes in our consulting practice and has two main goals:

– Decrease MRO spending in all your facilities.
– Generate a better view of how your departments can save money with current purchases and for future growth.

Performance & Reliability Management

Outsourced electronics maintenance includes a broad look at your overall equipment and how it can be kept reliable for years to come through specific performance maintenance. Our analysis process focuses on creating a game plan for you that can look like this:

– Global Electronic Services Reliability Engineers provide recommendations for optimized production and decreased downtime.
– Determination and provision of predictive maintenance schedules that cover everything including full machine refurbishing in the analysis.

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Asset Management

Your operations need to run at the peak efficiency to maintain your effectiveness and profitability. When it comes to your assets, that includes staging, maintenance, repairs, inventory levels and many other complex environmental factors that need special consideration.

The asset factor in our facility maintenance consulting includes specific programs that are developed for your situation and can include plans to:

– Reduce warehousing costs.
– Eliminate duplicate orders and decrease overall spending.
– Provide an asset strategy that works, a roadmap for improvement and a complete storeroom management plan to help facilitate growth as well as optimal picking and packing.

Outsourced Maintenance

Is your facility struggling to maintain consistent production uptime? Despite your best intentions, does it feel like you can’t seem to increase reliability?

Global Electronic Services outsourced electronic equipment maintenance will help you with staff training, process optimization, maintenance plan development and much more to help you run a more efficient and profitable operation.

Global Electronic Services Consulting Services: your performance partner for maximizing optimization and utilization

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