Servo Motor Replacement Parts

Servo Motor Replacement Parts

Global Electronic Services provides a complete index of servo motor replacement parts to help you keep your existing motors running and safeguard against downtime by having the right spares available when you need them.

Below are some of the most common replacement parts for servo motors, but we recommend you contact Global Electronic Services directly to secure parts specific to your servo motor. Our trained technicians and specialists can also help you determine which additional components may be needed based on your servo motor parts’ performance issues, problems and common failure points.

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Servo Motor Parts: Brakes

Brakes are an integral part of safe servo motor operations because they perform the much-needed tasks of stopping and holding the rotor. Any error here can shut down your production and operations, and it also poses a significant safety concern if your brakes fail to operate properly.

OEMs and Global Electronic Services recommend you replace your brakes if your motor is undergoing a repair and there is less than 75% of the life remaining on your brakes. To assist with this, we stock hundreds of variants of spring-applied and electromagnetic brakes for the top servo motor manufacturers.

Additionally, we stock permanent magnet brakes with zero backlashes for meticulous holding applications. Be sure to ask us about all three types of brakes we provide:

  • Spring-type brake: Used without electricity springs against a pressure plate, squeezing both the inner and outer plate. The clamping force is transferred to the hub, which is connected to the shaft.
  • Electromagnetic brake: Stops and holds a load when electrical power is disconnected. Additional disks can be used to increase torque without changing the size of the brake.
  • Permanent magnet brake: Works by using a permanent magnet to attract a single face armature. After the brake is engaged, the permanent magnet creates lines of flux, which attracts the armature to the brake housing.

Replacement Bearings for Servo Motors

Global Electronic Services stocks thousands of dollars in top-of-the-line bearings such as SKF, NTN, FAG and Koyo for all manufacturers of servo motors. Ask us about our expedited repair and delivery options for your servo motor repairs and replacement parts, including all six bearing designations:

  • Ball bearings: Capable of handling both radial and thrust loads.
  • Roller bearings: Bearing can handle much greater loads than all other ball bearings, although it is not ideal for thrust loading.
  • Ball thrust bearing: Used for low-speed applications.
  • Tapered roller bearing: Ideal for large radial and large thrust loads.
  • Magnetic bearings: Used for high-speed devices.
  • Giant roller bearings: Used in large, heavy applications.

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DC Parts

We stock hundreds of brushes, brush caps and brush holders for all of the servo motor manufacturers that we can service. You also get access to servo motor parts stock that includes a complete array of end cap assemblies.

These devices can help maintain a healthy servo motor:

  • Brush: Used to commutate the current in motor winding
  • End cap assembly: Used as a casing and carrier for holders and carbon brushes

Feedback Devices

GES stocks thousands of encoders, including Accu-Coder, Leine & Linde, Heidenhain, Indramat, Baldor, BEI, Siemens, Allen-Bradley and many more! We also stock resolvers and tachometers:

  • Resolver: Determines a motor’s position.
  • Tachometer: Provides running speed feedback
  • Encoders: Provides position feedback, resolution, commutation signal, communication, shows speed and direction.

Popular Servo Motor Parts Brands

At Global Electronic Services, we have experience repairing servo motor parts for a wide selection of manufacturers and models. For example, all Fanuc servo motors are thoroughly tested at our shop by a Fanuc robot and controller to guarantee peak performance upon its return to your company. Our trained technicians are experts on all manner of Fanuc equipment, from Fanuc servo motors and drivers to their Quickpanels, workstations and teach pendants.

Yaskawa is another widely popular manufacturer of servo motors we service. Many leading industries across the globe turn to Yaskawa due to the brand’s expertise in motors, drives and motion control equipment. With a brand as reliable as Yaskawa, it is essential to choose Yaskawa servo motor repair services that will save you money and time when a problem occurs. Global Electronic Services has a long history of servicing Yaskawa equipment. Our trained technicians are experienced with the brand, providing quality servo motor repairs completed in one to five days.

In contrast, Allen-Bradley machines are extremely specialized, meaning some electronic repair companies may be unfamiliar with Allen-Bradley equipment. That’s why it is vital to trust trained technicians — like those at Global Electronic Services — who are experienced with all kinds of Allen-Bradley equipment. The two primary considerations of Allen Bradley servo motor repair are cost and quality of service. We’ll beat any competitor’s price by 10%, ensuring your equipment gets up and running fast at a fair price. You can also expect an accurate estimate on your motor repair shortly after it arrives at the shop.

Service should extend throughout the entire motor repair cycle. When it comes to SIEMENS servo motor repair, we offer free evaluations and back repairs on all brands we service with an 18 Month In-Service Warranty. Call our staff with any questions about the repair process and benefit from their unmatched expertise on SIEMENS equipment. Once your servo motor arrives at the shop, our trained technicians get to work right away to provide quick, quality service. We test each component before sending it back, so your equipment returns in peak performance.

Whether Fanuc, Yaskawa, Allen-Bradley or SIEMENS, our technicians are fully trained to service all models from these top manufacturers and more. If you have a question about a specific servo motor part, even one for a model not listed as a manufacturer we service, give us a call about your unique servo motor repair needs.

Servo Motor Replacement Parts

Countless operations turn to Global Electronic Services for their replacement parts for servo motors because of our detailed stock, knowledgeable staff and ability to combine best-in-class repairs with each replacement. Not only do you get help finding the right part, but you’ve found a partner that can put it all together when you need immediate service.

All repairs are backed by an 18-Month In-Service Warranty, and we have capabilities to make repairs both at our location as well as yours. Contact us directly to learn more about your ability to get all the servo motor replacement parts you need and save at least 10% on repairs over our competition.

And be sure to ask your specialist about our standard repair time, free rush one-day and two-day services, factory-trained technicians and a world-class customer service team who is there 24/7 to help you out and update you on your service repairs or replacement parts order.

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