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Circuit Breaker Repair Service

Have you ever considered what you would do if a circuit breaker at your business suddenly failed? It’s hard to imagine how your company would function with a faulty breaker.

If you’ve never had this happen to you, or if it has just happened to you for the first time, you’re in luck, because you’ve found the solution. For all of your industrial circuit breaker repair and circuit breaker maintenance services, contact Global Electronic Services.

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Our Industrial Circuit Breaker Repair Services

Circuit breakers provide a safety mechanism in case of a power overload in the system. Breakers that regularly trip indicate a problem with the electricity flow or with the breaker itself.

Without circuit breakers, your company will not have the ability to send power where needed throughout the building. Thus, a damaged circuit breaker needs prompt repairs to prevent lost work and productivity.

Your business has the option of sending out this part for repair. Several things occur from the time of receipt until the repairs are finished. The entire process takes from one to five days, with rush completion in one to two days available.

When you send a circuit breaker in for repairs, the following steps occur:

1. Intake and Quote

Once your circuit breaker arrives, we log the part into the system, produce an individual barcode for it and send it for an evaluation from our technicians. This evaluation indicates any parts needed and allows us to generate a quote that we send for customer approval within 24 hours of intake of the circuit breaker.

2. Approval and Repairs

Once your business reviews, signs and returns the quote, we start working on repairs. For circuit breakers, we must test how well the device responds to an electrical current flowing through it. So, our technicians connect the breaker to a power source and test how long it takes for the circuit to trip. Depending on the damage done to the circuit breaker, it may trip too soon or too late. Information about trip timing will help the technician determine the precise repairs required.

The next portion of repairs involves examining and fixing the magnetic trips. The technician adjusts or replaces these components as needed and tests the breaker. Lastly, the circuit breaker’s trip mechanisms and contacts undergo adjustments or replacement as needed. Once repairs finish, the circuit breaker moves onto the next steps of the repair process.

3. Retesting

After making changes or repairs to any part we receive, we always retest everything to ensure the repairs were successful. This retesting happens under a full load to ensure the safety and functionality of the repaired part. Once the part performs as expected during retesting, it goes to the cleaning and quality assurance departments.

4. Cleaning and Quality Assurance

Used parts frequently have dirt in their crevices. We won’t send a dirty part back to you because dirt, dust and contaminants in electronic components can reduce the total efficiency and longevity of the repaired part.

Before shipping the fixed parts back, we always thoroughly clean the parts with electronics-appropriate agents. In fact, once your business gets the circuit breaker back, it will be ready for immediate installation and use.

After thoroughly cleaning the circuit breakers, we have our quality assurance experts examine the circuit breaker a final time before packing and shipping.

cleaning and quality assurance

5. Shipping Back to the Customer

Once the circuit breaker finishes repairs, retesting, cleaning and quality assurance, we pack it and ship it back to your company. We then produce an invoice and make it available in our Secure Customer Portal online.

Industrial Circuit Breaker Repair FAQs

Because your company’s productivity relies on rapid repairs of damaged industrial circuit breakers, you may still have questions about the process and our company. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about our industrial circuit breaker repair and other services:

1. Can I Get Rush Service?

While most orders only take between one and five days to complete, we also offer rush delivery. Rush repairs require from one to two days to finish. This extra service comes at no additional charge. Just let us know that you need the order’s completion rushed.

2. What Happens If the Circuit Breaker Is Fine?

We also perform free evaluations. If your industrial circuit breaker does not have a problem that requires repairs, you do not have to pay. We only charge you for repaired and tested parts.

3. Are Repairs Under Warranty?

We back all our repairs with an 18-month in-service warranty. If you store the repaired circuit breaker, the warranty period does not start until you install the part and lasts for 18 months from them. Should you install the repaired circuit breaker as soon as your company gets it back, the warranty period begins from that time.

Our warranty ensures that you always receive quality service from us and repairs that last for months.

4. What If There Is an Emergency After Office Hours?

We understand that many industries do not take breaks for nights or holidays. When something breaks down outside standard office hours, give us a call, and we can help keep your business running. Our emergency line is 877-249-1701. Press option 1 to connect with one of our experts or to have your call returned within one hour.

If your company requires emergency service, we provide an emergency line that we keep staffed by highly trained professionals. You can call at any hour, 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

after office hours emergencies

5. How Much Will Industrial Circuit Breaker Repair Cost?

The cost of the circuit breaker repairs depends on several factors, including what’s causing the problem and which parts need replacing. Additionally, the model also plays a role in the price of the repair. However, your company won’t break its budget with our repairs.

We will beat any competitor’s price by 10 percent. Your business can get the repairs it needs on nonfunctioning circuit breakers quickly and for a reasonable price. Additionally, the price we quote for repairs is the amount you will pay — we do not add hidden charges at any time.

6. Do You Have Parts for Older Circuit Breaker Models?

We have many parts for older and obsolete models of electronics. However, in some rare cases, we cannot access the replacement parts needed. If this happens, we can recommend viable alternatives that we do have in stock.

7. How Do I Send a Damaged Circuit Breaker for Repairs?

When you need to ship your circuit breaker to us, choose the facility – West Coast or East Coast – and print out the appropriate packing slip. We have these available in both Spanish and English. Include the packing slip in the box when you mail it to let us know what the problem is and how to contact you.

Global Electronic Services Circuit Breaker Maintenance and Repair

Whether the result of an electrical short circuit or overloaded circuits, if you have a circuit breaker down, we need to get right to work. We want to get you back up and running as soon as possible, so get in touch online to request a quote or give us a call at 877-249-1701.

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