Industrial Control Transformers

Transformers reduce the high-voltage power from powerlines for use in a building. Isolation transformers isolate a circuit from the power source for protection. An industrial control transformer — also called a control transformer, machine tool transformer or control power transformer — is a type of isolation transformer that regulates the voltage by producing an inrush current during overload conditions.

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What Is a Control Transformer?

A control transformer is a type of isolation transformer that provides secondary voltage stability when there is inrush current, which in turn provides voltage regulation. It maximizes the inrush capability and output voltage regulation during the initial energization of the electromagnetic devices, like solenoids and relays.

Industrial control transformers are used when the available voltage has to be changed to meet the required voltage and in circuits that need constant voltage at low power. The device is highly insulated and sealed from moisture for efficiency and environmental protection.

Control Transformer Applications

Control transformers are used as the primary and secondary voltage for inductive and resistive loads in industries such as:

  • – Schools
  • – Hospitals
  • – Institutional buildings
  • – Industrial plants
  • – Office buildings
  • – Shopping centers
  • – Apartment buildings
  • – Commercial buildings
  • – High-rise buildings


Common Industrial Control Transformer Problems and Questions

The electromagnetic coils that power the contactors in a machine use a lower voltage than the machine requires. Other solutions, like installing bus bars and running cables to a separate power feed, are impractical, making industrial control transformers the best solution.

When deciding what control transformer you need for your facility, you need to determine these characteristics about the load circuit:

  • Inrush volt-amperes (VA): The VA reading is what the control transformer must deliver when the control circuit receives its initial energy. During this energizing, the control transformer may draw current several times more than typical.
  • Sealed VA: Also called steady-state, this is the VA the device must deliver to the load circuit for long periods.
  • Inrush load power factor: The inrush load power factor is usually 40% power factor.
  • Voltage: The minimum voltage required for circuit operation.


After you have calculated this information, you can select your control transformer by:

  • – Determining the supply voltage (the available voltage to the control transformer) and the load voltage (the operating voltage of the control transformer’s connected devices)
  • – Calculating the total sealed VA
  • – Adding the inrush VA of all energized components
  • – Calculating the selection inrush VA


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