Control Keypad Modules

What Is a Control Keypad Module?

A control keypad module allows the user to press keys and enter codes to control secured machinery or equipment. Manufacturers design industrial-strength keypads to withstand intense work environments like warehouses and resist debris contamination. 

Typically, the keypads use single-digit numerals as characters since there are a limitless potential number of strings. There is also the possibility of using the alphabet for even more potential combinations. Some keypads also allow the users to reassign the values of the buttons to have new input meanings. 

 The industrial control keypad serves as a sophisticated security and user control tool for companies. Allen-Bradley is one of the finest brands on the market for these solutions. 

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Allen-Bradley Industrial Keypads Button Layout

Rockwell Automation is a leading American provider of industrial automation technology, and Allen-Bradley is one of its most well-known brands. Allen-Bradley replacement keypads for AC drives use Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Human Interface keypads.

These keypads have a variety of outstanding features: 

  • Number pad: The number pad allows for quick and easy input with a user-friendly interface similar to the design of a calculator. 
  • Languages: The industrial keypad has language options for English, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, French, Italian and German. 
  • Character display: The keypad display has backlighting and features a seven-line-by-21-character size for easy reading. 
  • Remote: The remote version allows the user to install the keypad for panel mount applications. 
  • Control keys: Allen-Bradley keypads have keys to control the start, stop, speed and direction of the AC unit.
  • Security: The keypad allows password masking so that unauthorized users cannot change preprogrammed parameters.
  • Memory: The memory on the unit can hold previous program inputs, making it possible to restore to an earlier setting if something doesn’t work. 

Programmability of Allen-Bradley Industrial Keypads

The Allen-Bradley keypad also features versatile programmability for the AC drive. Programmable features allow the user to customize the keypad to control and monitor a variety of outputs with reliability and security. It is also user-friendly and accessible even to workers who are not experts in parameter organization. 

There are many options available for the keypad, including:

  • S.M.A.R.T Start: This feature is a user-friendly interface that can control inputs like Start, Stop, Minimum Speed, Maximum Speed, Acceleration Time, Deceleration Time, Reference Source and Electronic Overload.
  • Custom programming: The keypad allows the user to set the form of measurement they want to control with character input. For example, the user can program the unit to display revolutions per minute (RPM), hertz (hz) or amps with custom letters.

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