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Many companies, especially factory-based companies, rely heavily on Computer Numerical Control (CNC) controllers for their survival. CNC controllers can be a huge benefit of modern technology, but the more you rely upon them, the more trouble you’re in if you find yourself in need of CNC controller repair. With greater information about the main issues CNC controllers face and how a company can help you repair them, you can ensure your CNC controllers run at their best ability and your business operates with minimal disruptions.

Find out more about what CNC controllers are, some of the main problems they can experience and how Global Electronic Services can serve you when you need CNC controller repairs.

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What Are CNC Controllers?

CNC controllers are computer numerically controlled devices designed to control a machine’s processes and actions. These devices connect a CNC’s mechanical components and its computer system. In other words, you can think of a CNC controller as a CNC system’s brain. You can often see CNC controllers used in manufacturing operations, helping machinery automatically complete complicated actions.

A CNC controller works by receiving an indexer’s or computer’s conditioned signals. Once the controller receives the signals, it then translates them into commands that make a machine perform various mechanical motions. These commands may be decided by an internal CNC circuit board featuring one or two scripted actions or software that a technician can adjust quickly in a Computer Assisted Design program.

What Common Problems Do CNC Controllers Have?

What Common Problems Do CNC Controllers Have?

While CNC controllers are essential to many pieces of machinery and the manufacturing goals they serve, they still can run into issues that require repairs. Some of the main issues CNC controllers typically experience include damaged edges, vibrating or chattering components and overheated machinery.

Find out more about the most common problems faced by CNC controllers below:

  • Overheated machinery: Clogged filters in a CNC machine can lead to a CNC controller overheating and breaking down. Since a clogged filter won’t allow enough airflow into the machinery, it’s much more likely the CNC machine and its controller will overheat. When a machine isn’t properly maintained, the risk of clogged filters goes up, making routine inspections and maintenance a must.
  • Vibrating or chattering components: Sometimes, CNC controllers can cause a component or an entire machine to start vibrating or chattering. This chattering or vibrating can harm a machine’s ability to perform well and hurt the machine’s components, leading to a need for more repairs. When a CNC controller has this issue, a CNC professional may slow the machine’s speed or alter the width and depth refraction to solve it.
  • Damaged edges: A CNC machine with cutting tools must be very precise to avoid damaging edges. When a CNC machine starts to damage edges while cutting, it’s often an issue with the tool, but it can also signal a problem with the CNC controller. If the CNC controller has been set to a too high speed, it may reduce the tool’s cutting accuracy and cause damaged edges. Usually, a CNC repair tech can fix this issue and return the CNC controller to the correct speed.
  • Improper maintenance: CNC controllers can begin to produce inaccurate results if they’re not properly maintained. To ensure CNC controllers perform at their best ability, you’ll want to regularly clean and lubricate the machinery on a manufacturer-recommended schedule. By ensuring dirt doesn’t build up and machine parts receive the appropriate level of lubrication, you can avoid needing more frequent repairs.
  • Poor programming: Since a CNC controller requires the right programming to make the CNC machinery perform the appropriate actions, poor programming can be a major issue. If a CNC controller is improperly programed, it can end up causing the machinery to lose its accuracy or damage itself. An experienced CNC machinery technician can often fix the programming quickly to ensure you get the best performance out of your CNC controller.

Global Electronic Services, the CNC Electronic Repair Service to Trust

You can trust Global Electronic Services for your CNC electronic repair because our factory-trained and certified electronics repair technicians have seen just about everything when it comes to electronics repair. Our staff knows all the major manufacturers and industrial electronic machines you’ll likely use, including CNC controllers. Our step-by-step testing and repair process leaves nothing to chance when diagnosing and repairing your CNC controllers. We perform CNC electronic motor repairs on popular brands such as Haas, Okuma, Mori Seiki, Allen-Bradley, and many more.

We know as soon as you use Global Electronic Services for your CNC electronic repair, you’ll never need to go anywhere else. To give you greater peace of mind, we even offer an industry-leading 18-Month In-Service Warranty on your CNC controllers once we’ve completed the repair.

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Global Electronic Services for Fast and Affordable CNC Controller Repair

We know you expect a quality repair, but we also know you need your CNC controllers working again fast. That’s why we make sure to complete most repairs in five days or less, so you experience the minimum possible downtime. If your needs are more urgent, one- to two-day rush orders are also available.

In addition to fast service, you won’t find a more affordable company for CNC electronic repair. This affordability is thanks to our Global Price Guarantee. Our guarantee means we’ll beat any competitor’s price on your repair by 10%.

We Are Always Here for Your CNC Electronic Repair

We’re ready to serve you right now, and if you have any questions, you can call us anytime. We make sure a member of our customer service team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Anytime you have a question, you can give us a call, and a knowledgeable representative will be there to talk to you.

Global Electronic Is Here for You Today

When you call Global Electronic Services for your CNC controller repairs, your company will receive great service, exceptional prices and timely work. If your CNC controllers are down, every moment you waste could be costing you serious money. As a result, you’ll want to receive a repair from Global Electronic Services as fast as possible.

We’re ready to hear from you today. Contact us online to request a quote or give us a call at 877-249-1701 before any more time goes by.

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