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For industrial CRT monitor repair, LCD repair or industrial LED monitor repair, there’s no reason to look any further than Global Electronic Services. Your and monitors are the eyes of your operation, and we can make sure you see Technician repairing industrial LED monitorclearly all the time.

When your monitors come in to us, we immediately evaluate the problem, and as part of our industrial monitor repair services, perform any necessary maintenance. When you get your monitors back, we are confident you’ll be 100 percent satisfied with the results.

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You Can Trust Us for Your Industrial CRT or Industrial LED Monitor Repair

Why is Global Electronic Services the name you can trust to come to the rescue when your monitors are down? Our factory-trained technicians know every major brand of industrial monitor completely. We’ve successfully repaired monitors from Allen-Bradley, Xycom, Square D, Fanuc, Quickpanel, Cutler Hammer, Automation Direct and more.

If you have a monitor with a problem, we’ve probably seen it before. And we’re so sure we can fix your problem fast that we’ll provide your whole monitor with an 18-Month In-Service Warranty when we’ve finished the job. You won’t find a better warranty of this kind in the industry.ask a repair tech

At Global Electronic Services, We Get Your Monitors Back Fast

Fast work is the key. You can be sure we’ll do a great job on your monitors and have them working correctly, but that isn’t going to help you if it takes weeks for you to get them back. If you’re going to be stuck without monitors for that long, you might as well buy new ones.

But that won’t be a problem with Global Electronic Services because in most cases, we can get your monitor back to you in one to five days – not weeks. In just a few days and you’re up and running again.

Industrial Monitor Repair
CRT Monitor Repair

No one can argue that cathode ray tube technology is the wave of the past. LCD displays, LED displays and now HD and Plasma displays have supplanted this old level of technology. The only people who are likely to use this outdated technology are those who have old computers with CRT monitors that still work and people who like to play vintage video games on the screens they were originally intended for.

Technician diagnosing repair issues with CRT monitorAll this might seem to be a problem if you are still using machines with CRT monitors in your industry, but not if you contact Global Electronic Services. Some of our technicians have been in the electronics business for decades, and our base of knowledge is so vast that we are even familiar with CRT technology.

We can analyze the problems with your CRT monitors and repair them if repair is possible just as easily as a more modern screen. Naturally, LED monitor repair and LCD monitor repair are no problem for us, either.

CRT to LCD Monitor Retrofits

If you have a lot of CRT monitor machines in your factory and those monitors are causing you problems, we can certainly fix them. However, a better solution might be to retrofit those machines and replace the CRT monitors with LCD monitors. This could give you the best of both worlds. You don’t have to scrub the machines that have been giving you so much loyal service for so many years, and you don’t have to deal with the poor video quality and constant repairs that come with cathode ray tube-based monitors.

LCD monitors are not only able to provide better image quality for your machines, but they will also often be more efficient, saving you on energy costs, and are likely to last longer than your old CRT monitors.

Contact us today to find out more about CRT to LCD monitor retrofitting.

Panelview Repair Service

If you have a bad display or another issue with your Allen Bradley Panelview device, just send it over to Global Electronic Services, and we can fix it. Whether you are suffering from poor screen brightness, lack of clarity, touchscreen misalignment, faulty ports, bad seals, cracked screens or any other problems likely to befall this piece of equipment, GES has you covered.

We have the equipment and expert technicians to test the LCD and components to locate the problem and replace or repair as necessary to get your product back in business as it should be again.

Our staff at Global Electronic Services have all the expertise you could ever want when it comes to industrial monitors and industrial monitor repair. Do not hesitate to contact us with your industrial monitor repair issues no matter how old or new your monitor is, no matter what brand you are working with. If it is possible to fix your monitor and have it functioning optimally again, we know how to do it — and we will do it quickly at a reasonable price.

Global Electronic Services Is Friendly to Your Repair Budget

Especially when compared to the cost of buying new monitors, our industrial monitor repair services are extremely budget-friendly. In fact, if you can bring us a lower price from a competitor, we’ll beat it by 10 percent.

Add to that the fact that you’ll get a fair estimate up front, so you won’t have to worry about surprise big charges later, and repairing with Global Electronic Services only make sense.

Contact Us to Get Your Industrial Controls Back on Track

Without your monitors, you’re working in the dark, and we want to make sure you see the light. For full maintenance and repair of your industrial monitors, Global Electronic Services is your best resource. Call us up now at 877-249-1701, or contact us online for more information on monitor maintenance or repair or for a quick quote on services.

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