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There’s no time to wait — get your ultrasonic equipment serviced right away to help minimize downtime and keep your operations secure. From flowmeters and measure controls to ultrasonic welders and more, Global Electronic Services has spent decades servicing and maintaining ultrasonic equipment for companies all across the globe.

Get your equipment back up to OEM standards with a certified, professional ultrasonic equipment repair service that fully inspects and evaluates each piece of equipment in real-world conditions before it’s returned to you.

You deserve a repair service you can trust and a reliable partner that can help maintain efficiencies, allowing you to stay on budget.

No matter which of the ultrasonic equipment OEMs you work with, Global Electronic Services is the only partner you’ll need for thorough repairs, replacements and maintenance. Put your trust in us and experience world-class service with a local touch and an eye on affordability.

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What Is Ultrasonic Equipment Used For?

What Is Ultrasonic Equipment Used For?

Many different industries use ultrasonic equipment to test various kinds of materials. For example, ultrasonic technicians often use ultrasonic equipment to inspect crystalline, dense structures like metals. Technicians can even inspect materials like concrete, composites, ceramics and plastics with ultrasonic equipment.

One of the major industries relying on ultrasonic equipment is the medical sector. Due to ultrasonic equipment’s lack of ionizing radiation, many people in the medical industry utilize ultrasonic equipment for medical research and routine diagnostic imaging. Other industries using ultrasonic equipment include the oil and gas, rail, aerospace, construction and automotive sectors.

When ultrasonic technicians employ this equipment, they often use it to test a component or material’s integration. One of the most common tests involves checking welds to see if any discontinuities exist. Ultrasonic equipment gives users plenty of flexibility for testing, as these users can test nonferrous and ferrous materials. Technicians can also use it to test sections only reachable from one side and thicker areas. Users can even detect planer flaws and finer defects that would be harder to find via radiographic testing.

Advantages of Ultrasonic Equipment

With so many industries using ultrasonic equipment, it should come as no surprise that this equipment provides many different advantages. Some of the top advantages include:

  • Greater accuracy: When comparing ultrasonic equipment to other nondestructive testing methods and tools, it has much more accuracy in determining a part’s thickness when it features parallel surfaces. This equipment also has greater accuracy when determining internal flaws’ depths.
  • High sensitivity and penetration power: Ultrasonic equipment has high sensitivity, meaning technicians can use it to find incredibly small defects and flaws. This equipment also has high penetration power, making it possible for technicians to detect flaws deep inside a material or part.
  • Versatile estimation and testing: With ultrasonic equipment, you can estimate a defects’ nature, size, orientation and shape. Due to this equipment’s versatility, ultrasonic technicians can also estimate a components’ alloy structures, even when they come with different acoustic properties. Ultrasonic equipment can also test an object when only a single side of it is accessible.
  • Fast results: When you test with ultrasonic equipment, you can obtain results immediately and make quick decisions about a part or material.
  • Automated and portable operations: With ultrasonic equipment, you can automate many operations. This equipment also can have portable operations, meaning you’ll receive greater testing flexibility.
  • Nonhazardous testing: Another exceptional benefit of ultrasonic equipment is its nonhazardous nature, unlike other testing methods. Since the equipment isn’t hazardous, you can safely use it around other materials, equipment and personnel.

Get Guaranteed Ultrasonic Equipment Repair

You don’t want to hand over your mission-critical ultrasonic equipment repairs to just anyone. You need someone who has certified technicians and testing equipment. You also require top-quality service that’s still affordable and has your budget in mind.

You’ve found the right partner with Global Electronic Services.

Our entire technician staff is certified and trained on leading ultrasonic equipment repairs focusing on today’s top OEMs. We train, test, certify and then keep working hard to bring best practices to every job that comes through our ultrasonic equipment maintenance service.

To give you peace of mind, we also exceed industry standards by providing an 18-Month, In-Service Warranty on all the repairs, replacements and maintenance services we provide. Our testing and work resolve the high-failure risk for common troublesome components, and you’re left with a like-new condition on every part.

Our guarantee also extends to the affordability of working with our ultrasonic repair service. Each repair is completed within one to five days, and we offer free one- to two-day rush service on most work to get you back on your feet quickly. Every service comes with a cost-savings guarantee that says we’ll beat any qualified competitor’s price by at least 10%. It’s one of the main reasons our ultrasonic equipment repair service customers stick with us for life.

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Customer service is another way Global Electronic Services leads in ultrasonic equipment maintenance and repair services. We provide 24/7 access to real people and always-on digital support so you know the status of your repairs and returns. We’re here to answer your questions, meet your needs and make sure you know we stick to our quotes.

Start your next ultrasonic equipment repair today by reaching out to one of our specialists at 1-877-249-1701, or you can request a free quote online. Let us show you what we can do!

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