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hydraulic piston repair serviceHydraulic Piston Repair Service

A busted piston pump within your company’s hydraulic system is nothing short of frustrating. Instead of stressing about downtime and replacing the entire unit, choose Global Electronic Services. Our technicians ensure quick hydraulic piston repair services to increase your operation’s uptime and keep everything working at a smooth pace.

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Piston Pump Repair and Maintenance Services

piston pump repair and maintenance servicesInstead of diving into our repair services blind, we make sure to analyze each situation so we can take the appropriate troubleshooting measures. Our certified, factory-trained technicians deliver refined repair services to a range of industries.

After understanding the issues your hydraulic pistons are facing, we replace broken, damaged or worn components and repair failed parts as necessary. Once we make crucial repairs and replacements, we test the hydraulic system to ensure it runs at its highest operating level.

While some faults are more accessible to detect than others, our specialists use top-of-the-line tools in combination with their extensive line of experience to recognize a variety of piston pump complications. Delivering fast, effective and efficient piston pump repair services allows us to provide top-quality solutions.

How We Can Help With Piston Pump Repair and Maintenance

Hydraulic piston pump repairs from Global Electronic Services help you feel confident in your company’s operations. We pinpoint the hydraulic system’s issues and make fast turnaround times to keep you moving.

Our technicians have seen it all — we support every industry in the market, whether you’re in the manufacturing, laboratory, home or office sectors.

how Global Electronic Services helps with piston pump repairWe support you with extensive piston repairs through our dedication to excellence:

  • Competitive pricing: Before we start any repairs, we give you an accurate estimation that’s at least 10 percent better than our competitor’s, so you can get the most value.
  • Quick turnarounds: Using efficient methods with our years of experience, Global Electronic Services experts can repair your hydraulic piston issues within one to five days. We help ensure your company’s uptime and productivity remain high.
  • Top-notch repairs: Global Electronic Services offers an 18-month, in-service warranty — giving you peace of mind that you can rely on the equipment. We can tackle any piston faults and other hydraulic concerns.

We always put you first and strive to keep your business up and running without fail. You can also rely on us 24/7 for support.

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Essential Parts We Repair on Your Hydraulic Piston Pump

The first step of repairing your hydraulic piston pump is disassembly. We take apart the axial piston pump for inspection and measurement, recording the dimensions of each part. Once we look through the entire unit and determine its issues, we prepare a quotation to give you an idea of what to expect.

When we get the go-ahead to move on with our repairs, we start by cleaning the unit. We lap the rotary parts and end cover, then make sure the bearing and shaft fit. Our technicians also ensure the pump’s play is within tolerance.

We make the appropriate repairs and replacements of critical parts, then reinstall the rotary components. After we complete the entire process, our specialists test the hydraulic piston pump. If it’s working at peak levels, we calibrate it, then send it off to painting and finishing. If it’s still not up to par, we go back and make corrections.

Repairing and replacing these essential hydraulic piston pump parts is a more economical solution than replacing the entire unit. Although the source of a pump’s failure can come from a multitude of sources, many fall into a few areas, such as:

  • Piston assemblies: We service and repair broken and worn piston assemblies.
  • Seals: We can swap the faulty seals for new ones.
  • Swash plate: We also check and repair the swash plate using a lap machine, or we replace the plate if needed.
  • Spring assemblies: We inspect and repair the unit’s spring assemblies.
  • Bearing and oil seal replaced: We replace the bearing and oil seal every time, no matter the damage.
  • Pressure and return ports: We inspect and repair the pressure and return ports within the pump.

In many cases, wear and tear cause problems. However, excessive heat, cavitation, extreme pressure and contamination can also cause premature failure of your piston pump. Another reason for failure is from incorrect installation — all of which we can fix on the spot.

We use sophisticated software, digital controls and integrated electronics to restore your company’s piston pumps. Global Electronics Services works with the increasing complexity of hydraulic systems. Our technicians can inspect, repair, test and calibrate a range of piston pump issues.

We break down the unit and deliver it to you in a “like new” condition.

Frequently Asked Questions About Piston Pump Repair and Maintenance

Global Electronic Services can answer any questions you have about hydraulic piston pumps as well as our services. Here are some commonly asked questions about piston pump repair and maintenance:

1. How Much Grease Should I Use?

First, reference the manufacturer’s manual to see which areas require attention. Most commonly, you should grease the plunger center and the plunger slot corners for proper lubrication.

2. What Causes a Loud Pump?

Check to make sure the piston pump hasn’t lost grease lubrication in the plunger slot. A contaminated environment and water hitting the pump can also cause it to be noisy. Even inlet plumbing that results in air leaks can create a loud noise.

3. When Should I Maintain My Piston Pump?

Hydraulic pump upkeep depends on your company’s application, so check the unit’s manual to see how long specific parts can last before needing replacement. Regular and preventative maintenance can help increase the lifespan of the pump and decrease massive overhauls down the road.

4. Why Did My Cam Bearing Fail?

Like all parts, a cam bearing will wear over time. It can damage from a lack of lubrication, excessive pressure or overuse. Through a preventative upkeep schedule, you can catch these wear and tear issues ahead of time to keep your bearing from failing.

5. Why Is the Unit Pulsating?

Many factors can cause a hydraulic piston pump to pulse. For example, abnormal inlet conditions, fixed outlet plumbing and an undersized bypass hose can contribute to the fault. Other reasons can include a non-working regulating valve or stuck/damaged pump valves.

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Global Electronic Services is your go-to for hydraulic and pneumatic maintenance service and repair. We offer superior solutions at competitive prices to ensure you receive valuable and dependable repairs.

Receive a free quote online or call us at 877-249-1701 to see how we can support your company. Our experts can handle whatever’s going on with your hydraulic piston pump unit to maximize uptime.




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