How Will New Mergers and Acquisitions Effect Electronic Components?

Although we can expect big changes in the manufacturing industry in the next four years, what about the components that go into manufactured electronics?

In the past five to ten years, electronic component mergers and acquisitions (M&A) have been increasing. Often driven by the high cost of developing new and advanced technology as required by the Internet of Things (IoT) and huge data centers, M&A can impact product line availability and obsolescence, part numbers, cage codes and abbreviations. Immediate changes due to M&A deals can be shorter distributor line cards (three manufacturers instead of six), fewer suppliers carrying the components, changes in price, changes in reference databases and new products.

Whether to add new product lines, increase profitability or eliminate competition, what does it mean for your repairs when electronic component manufacturers go through these huge mega-mergers? You already have enough to worry about with your own line of equipment without having to worry about the individual components within that equipment.

We utilize both internal reference databases as well as multiple external databases that contain millions of parts, including cross references, substitutions and changes. These databases allow us to locate the part that was originally installed, determine whether there is a new reference or part number and help us to locate the new correct component. Because we stock millions of common failure electrical components, we often have exactly what they need on hand. If we don’t, we have parts specialists who work with our vendors to locate the exact part needed as quickly as possible.

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