What Happens When A Part Is Needed?

Often when working on repairs, our technicians require a replacement part in order to complete the repair or refurbishment of the unit. Having the correct capacitor, touch glass or IGBT on hand means we can turn the repair around right away instead of having to wait on the parts. We have developed many relationships in order to source the highest quality parts with the least wait time.

When our technicians need a part, they work with our parts department to identify and procure the correct item. If we don’t have it already in our extensive inventory, our parts specialists take over and the research begins. You’d be surprised to learn that not every part is clearly identified! If the part is clearly marked, the parts specialist has a clear starting point to try to locate it. If it’s not marked, our parts specialists reference manuals, OEM references, as well as component catalogues and our in-house engineers to identify the part through it’s specifications. Once the part is identified, they can begin sourcing.

The parts department then contacts our established and vetted vendors to determine where we can source the part as quickly as possible. If we don’t already have an established vendor for the component, they’ll contact the OEM’s, distributors and other resellers until one is found. That vendor is then evaluated for quality before becoming a sourcing partner.

If sourcing the part appears fruitless, we haven’t given up hope yet! We can often machine a new frame or armature if one can’t be purchased. We also have established vendors that custom build and fabricate different types of parts. For example, we have several touch glass manufacturers domestically and internationally that we work with who can custom build the perfect LCD if a unit can’t be purchased or a retrofit requires a customization.

When a unit is obsolete, sometimes we have to go beyond our regular sources. We have specialists who purchase from distributors and manufacturing facilities who are going out of business to acquire their surplus inventory of component parts and whole units to have on hand for those instances when a part may not be manufactured any longer .  Our parts researchers routinely spend their day calling vendors, resellers, manufacturing facilities, OEMs and more trying to locate the exact parts our technicians need.

Whether our parts department sources a needed part from a new or existing vendor, their goal is to get that part as quickly as possible so your repair gets back to you right away.  Sometimes this means overnight shipping, sometimes it involves expediting fees from the manufacturer and sometimes it means we have it driven in by courier.   On the rare occasion when a manufacturer has an extended time that we cannot get around, we always check every possible option continually throughout the lead time.

Our parts department houses over a million common failure components from touch screens, IGBTs, fans, capacitors, resistors and many more. But know that if we don’t have the part in stock, our team is hard at work finding the best and fastest options to get your unit repaired and your production line up and running!

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