Why Your Company Should Invest in Technology

Manufacturing used to be solely about machines making things from raw materials. Then it became about specializing parts of the process and automating it. In today’s manufacturing landscape, the status quo from generations past won’t cut it. Companies need to adapt and adopt whenever possible, and that means investing in and using innovative technology. If you’re on the fence about it, here are a few reasons you should incorporate it into your company’s day-to-day.


  1. Specialization – Take 3D printing, for example. What seemed like a tech geek gimmick when it was first introduced is now allowing companies big and small to design and engineer parts that are one-of-a-kind and function exactly the way their systems need them to. They’ve been able to “own” their product/process and develop unique components that save time and give them a leg up on the competition.
  2. Talent Attraction – Even if a small portion of your team is qualified or certified to use a piece of new tech, the fact you have it is attractive to workers looking for a new company. Workers want to be involved with companies that use the best technologies and have the best facilities. An investment in new tech can influence their job search decision.
  3. Streamlined Logistics – Whether it’s technology that prints parts in a matter of hours or software that reduces waste in the assembly process, new tech can streamline logistics and cut costs. Some ways new tech can help a manufacturing firm include project management software, payment and invoicing software, digital advertising, cloud-based storage and inventory management.
  4. Maintenance – Manufacturing technology has grown over the years to not only automate and streamline steps in the production process, but also collect data for businesses to measure changes in output and schedule predictive maintenance. That means less time spent on repairs when it’s the 11th hour and less money lost during downtime.


Incorporating new technology into your manufacturing company doesn’t have to be a sweeping change that fundamentally changes the way you operate. Small, strategic changes to parts of the business can slowly, methodically introduce the business to a new way of doing things and introduce new processes and ideas. What are some ways your company is incorporating new technology into your day-to-day?

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