White House Launches New Manufacturing Workforce Programs

Manufacturing has been a cornerstone priority for the Biden administration. From the CHIPS Act in 2022 to continuous efforts to spur job growth in the sector, the White House has delivered a constant stream of support for manufacturers. Now, another initiative is aimed at bolstering manufacturing jobs in key areas of the country while creating a workforce capable of filling them.

Here’s a look at the latest from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and another win for manufacturers.

The Roadmap to Support Good Jobs

Manufacturing faces economic strife in 2023, and the Biden-⁠Harris administration is working to get the industry back on its feet — and running headstrong into the future. The White House’s latest manufacturing-focused initiative comes in the form of the Advanced Manufacturing Workforce Sprint, which aims to create job opportunities and promote workforce development in the advanced manufacturing sector. This initiative is part of the larger Investing in America strategy, which is set on revitalizing the economy by creating good-paying jobs and bolstering industries like manufacturing.

Through the Advanced Manufacturing Workforce Sprint, the White House is prioritizing education and training to ensure the American workforce has the skills needed to thrive in a more technologically advanced manufacturing landscape.

Hubs for future innovation

As part of the roadmap, the Biden administration is putting forward an exciting proposal to boost the manufacturing industry through the creation of manufacturing hubs. These hubs include Phoenix; Columbus, Ohio; Pittsburgh; Baltimore; and Augusta, Georgia. They’ll play a key role in producing hard-to-make goods, including medical equipment and robotics.

The goal behind the creation of manufacturing hubs is to bring together businesses, workers, and research institutions to share resources, best practices, and knowledge to increase the country’s ability to compete in the global market. By creating epicenters for innovation, the administration is encouraging more resilient domestic production of critical goods.

Education is front and center

Education is key to the success of any industry, and manufacturing is no exception. This is why it’s exciting to see the recent announcement of the Good Jobs, Great Cities Academy portion of the roadmap.

This program — which receives funding from the Department of Labor, Department of Commerce, and Department of Education — will invest in high-tech training and education programs throughout the country. These investments will go toward things like apprenticeships, technical education, and employer-based training programs.

For the manufacturing industry to continue to thrive, we must ensure the workforce of the future has the skills it needs. It’s a critical step forward for the future of manufacturing — and the U.S. economy.

Building back better

With investments in hubs across the nation and a renewed focus on education, the Biden-⁠Harris administration is taking a proactive approach to ensure America remains at the forefront of innovation and competitiveness in the global market. The administration’s Roadmap to Support Good Jobs is planting seeds today to bear essential fruit in the years to come.

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