What Next? Automation Where You Least Expect It

In a constantly changing and evolving world, the need for new technology and innovations is as crucial as ever. With every shift in the political, environmental, economic, and social atmosphere, businesses need to innovate to stay with the times. Some have even taken it a step further than a new product or marketing strategy. There are businesses out there that have even taken recent developments in automation and robotics, and replaced what have been the standards for decades in their industry.

An example of such a concept would be Royal Caribbean Cruise Line. With their introduction of the “Bionic Bar”, they have taken a new spin on ordering a Martini! Two robot arms are programmed to take drink orders from customers via a tablet, and create custom cocktails, with no human interaction! Created by Makr Shakr , an Italian based robotics company, the robotic bartenders can serve two drinks per minute, and are guaranteed to have an exact pour amount every time. While at the “Bionic Bar”, you may not have the feeling that everybody knows your name, you can be guaranteed an efficient and accurate drink experience.

Closer to our Buford, GA office is another business that takes a concept existing for more than a century, and uses robotics to innovate. Many people choose to leave valuables, such as a passports or precious jewelry, within the confines of a safe deposit box. Many of these boxes reside inside banks or other similar facilities. While a guard is constantly on duty, there is always a possibility of somebody accessing your box without you knowing. At AVM, that is never a worry. AVM stands for Automated Vault Machine. Within the 2” thick steel vault walls is a robot, and that robot is the only thing that moves your valuables between your hands and your storage area. Upon a biometric scan, as well as the entry of you pin number, the six axis robot moves to retrieve your safe deposit box from its place within the vault. No human hands ever touch your valuables, as well as no human eyes. Every box is completely fireproof and completely anonymous. With the addition of this robot, not only is a customer’s safe deposit box completely secure, but also accessible 24 hours. This means that customers may come and go as they please, without the need to hire on staff to work throughout the night.

Near Silicon Valley, some might say an even fresher concept is in its infancy. Zume Pizza, located in Mountain View is changing the way we imagine pizza creation and delivery. Zume uses the latest in robotics technology in their kitchen. With the help of ABB, a major manufacturer of robotics, Zume was able to automate nearly every step of the pizza making process. Robots not only form the dough, add the sauce and toppings, but also delicately feed the completed pizza through the oven. In the oven, the pizza only partially cooks. The pizza is then boxed and taken to a delivery truck. Each of Zume’s newest delivery trucks are outfitted with ovens. These ovens will continue to cook the pizza until removed upon delivery to your door. This saves an immense amount of time, as the final stages of baking are taking place on the way to your front door! With so many competitors in the pizza industry, the creators of Zume are taking every step to make sure that your pizza is the freshest and quickest upon delivery!

Innovation has proven time and time again to be a difference maker in industry. Every new invention, idea, and creation has the potential to take what is considered the norm, and will make the world reconsider. Efficiency drives profits, and profits drive business. Automation will not stop growing, even in markets considered out of reach. The creation of robotic pizza makers, bank tellers, and bartenders can only bring one question to mind. What next?

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