Walter Surface Technologies Acquires Blackstone Supply Agreement

An important new deal for manufacturers to keep an eye on is the Blackstone and Walter Surface Technologies agreement. So far, 2018 has seen a number of interesting arrangements between companies, and this is one of the more exciting, both for the companies involved and for those affected by the deal.

Water Surface Technologies, a company based in Montreal, has acquired the Fastenal® Blackstone® Supply Agreement as well as all of Sundisc Abrasives USA, LLC’s related inventory. This means Walter Surface Technologies is now a private label supplier for Fastenal welding consumables and abrasives.

History of Walter Surface Technologies and Fastenal

The company that would become Walter Surface Technologies was founded in 1952 in Canada to provide better, higher-productivity tools for the metalworking industry, including abrasives, tooling, power tools and chemical solutions.

Over the past 65+ years, Walter Surface Technologies has grown into a metalwork industry giant, with operations established in seven countries throughout North America, South America and Europe. Over that time, the company has developed a reputation for uncompromising quality and performance when it comes to increasing productivity with metalworking tools.

A mere 12 years after the founding of Walter Surface Technologies, Fastenal appeared on the scene in 1967 thanks to the entrepreneurial efforts of Bob Kierlin. He joined with four friends and $30,000 to open a 1,000 square foot location in Winona, MN with a business strategy based on industrial vending.

Fastenal soon found itself to be one of the most dynamic growth companies in the world, with thousands of manufacturer-partners supplying them with a massive variety of OEM, construction and MRO products. Fastenal’s range of items now includes the well-known Blackstone brand of high-quality electrical products.

Walter Surface Technologies Agreement Poised to Benefit Both Parties

Walter Surface Technologies executives are said to be quite enthusiastic about this acquisition, which will allow for much faster expansion throughout the United States. Walter Surface Technologies prides itself on their high-performance product line and are looking forward to seeing the new agreement benefit both companies.

The new agreement joins the high-quality Blackstone welding consumables and abrasives designed for Fastenal with the advanced manufacturing processes and superior designs that Walter Surface Technology is famous for. The combination should greatly benefit Blackstone customers, who will now be able to access and enjoy the wide variety of high-quality Blackstone products as well as products from Walter Surface Technologies — all of which are optimized for superior performance.

Fastenal is also looking forward to seeing their customers benefit from the exceptional technical support and creative innovations that Walter Surface Technologies can offer.

The agreement has already taken effect and is a key part of Walter Surface Technologies’ expansion for private label and sales in the metalwork sector throughout the United States and the rest of the Americas.

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