User Experience Is a Key Differentiator

In our highly-globalized and technological world, customers have adapted to expect and appreciate a great user experience (UX), whether ordering products online or working with manufacturers. According to an article from user experience research group Nielsen Norman Group, “User experience encompasses all aspects of the end-user’s interaction with the company, its services, and its products.” Customers expect ease, speed, and successful outcomes.

UX expectations

Happy Customer A major component of a good user experience includes a great customer service experience and product satisfaction. Across the board, 72% of leaders of companies large and small have determined that improving customer service is their top priority this year. And it’s for good reason: Customer service is now a huge part of the UX. The manufacturing industry may be one of the last to adopt high customer service and user experience standards, and some may struggle to meet clients’ needs, but, according to a Global Manufacturing article, “Controlling and shaping this customer experience will set apart those manufacturers that will thrive in a digitally-driven world.”

Customer service shift

The customer service industry has undergone huge changes in recent years in response to users’ demands for positive experiences. According to a study published in 2016, 49% of consumers switched to competitors the previous year as a result of bad customer service experiences. Furthermore, businesses in the United States suffer an estimated $62 billion in revenue loss each year at the helm of poor user experiences. Manufacturers are at great risk for revenue and reputation loss if they don’t adopt a great user experience culture.

Exceed expectations

As products and performance become more uniform across competitors in this new technology-fueled era, user experience can set you apart. By working to improve tech support, communication, and overall satisfaction, you can better connect and retain customers in the UX-driven world we live in. And if you come up short on great service or deliver subpar products, it’s easier than ever for customers to share their grievances with others. Get ahead of your competition by implementing great customer service and user experience strategies.

  • ratingUse open communication channels. Meet customers where they are to help solve their needs. Respond via email, social media channels, and chat to give them alternatives to phone and fax.
  • Get personal. Get to know your customers and their needs to provide personalized experiences. This can ultimately make them more satisfied and loyal.
  • Focus on user experience. Instead of solely focusing on product experience and design, study your process from the perspective of customers. Make sure each step is customer-focused, easy, and positive.
  • Be proactive. Recognize problems and fix them before your customers notice to avoid any potential negative customer experiences.

It’s not difficult to get ahead of your competition when your customer service — and your users’ experiences and feedback — add value to your business.

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