Touchscreen Technology

Touchscreens are used in all types of applications in today’s society. We use them regularly at ATMs, fast food restaurants, office environments and in manufacturing facilities. Touchscreens are built to withstand repeated abuse. A study done in 2007 reported that 75% of employees have abused their electronic equipment at some point during their employment. With most users physically assaulting these types of units on a regular basis they often require repair, calibration or replacement parts on a regular basis. Touchscreens are a unique combination of small intricate components mixed with more durable housing and screens. 

 Finding the right balance of tech and functionality is key in your application. When you are operating a high use piece of equipment failures are expected. Most facilities can do basic maintenance or calibration on their touchscreens but more complex repairs need to be performed by a trusted repair facility. Some of the most common failures seen are cracks, scratches, dimming, clarity issues or severe calibration issues. 

 Many factors influence the selection of HMIs. Those that should be considered when selecting a touchscreen include the life span, picture quality, brightness, response speed, and durability. These factors all play into the reliability of the unit. Some of these features may not be necessary in all applications. For example a touchscreen seldom used for basic functions wouldn’t benefit from a high resolution screen. While a more complex touchscreen with multi-functionality and a dashboard would benefit from a higher resolution screen. 

There are many choices to consider when selecting a touchscreen for your application. It is imperative to have a plan in place when those touchscreen ultimately need service. This can include keeping a backup to install while repairs or calibrations are being completed or having planned down time for preventative maintenance. No matter which option you choose remember that Global Electronic Services works on all types of HMIs, including touchscreens. We also offer calibrating services and all our repairs are 50-60% off the cost of new. Be sure to visit us online at or call us at 1-877-249-1701 to learn more about our services. We’re proud to offer Surplus, Complete Repair and Maintenance on all types of Industrial Electronics, Servo Motors, AC and DC Motors, Hydraulics and Pneumatics. Please subscribe to our YouTube page and Like Us on Facebook! Thank you!


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