Leadership 101: Top Qualities That Help You Become a Better Leader

Despite the popularity of the phrase “born leader,” no one is born into a position of authority, and being a good supervisor is usually a product of education and experience. Some may take to leadership more naturally than others, but there are still many leadership qualities that can be learned.

If you are in any type of supervisory position, it’s important that you sharpen your leadership skills as much as possible. When thinking about leadership skills that you will want to hone, consider the “Three C’s.”


Communication may be the most important skill you can have as a leader. If you have a strong idea how you want your employees to perform but you can’t communicate that idea to your employees, you won’t get the results you need. Similarly, if your employees don’t feel like they can talk to you and be heard, you may miss out on critical information you need to keep your business working at optimal efficiency.


Anyone will tell you a leader must have confidence. If you ask others to follow you, they must believe you know what you are doing. It’s easy to be confident when things go well, but it’s even more important to project confidence when you run into challenges. When things get tough, rather than panicking and demanding your employees fix things, project a positive attitude and let your employees feel if they continue to follow your directions, everything will turn out all right.


You may have multiple facilities under your supervision, but your employees need to feel when you’re supervising them, you’re completely dedicated to the task at hand. You will do whatever it takes to make sure they and the company succeed, even if that means getting in the trenches with them and handling whatever job needs your attention personally. The expression “lead by example” is important to keep in mind. If your employees don’t think you believe in what you’re doing, it will be hard to get them to believe in it, either.

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