Top Cybersecurity Threats You Should Know

Hopefully you appreciate the importance of cybersecurity in manufacturing. Manufacturing is the second most frequently attacked sector when it comes to cyberattacks, so manufacturing cybersecurity is crucial to protect your manufacturing operations. In order to fully protect yourself, it’s important that you know the common cybersecurity threats to look for. So, what are the top cybersecurity threats you need to know about in the manufacturing business?

  1. RansomwareRansomware is one of the nastiest threats to hit the digital world. These are programs that lock up your data and do not release it back to you unless you pay for the key. Ransomware is spreading beyond PCs to Macs and Linux devices, and tablets and smartphones are not safe either. You need to be extremely careful and vigilant when it comes to the latest ransomware threats.
  2. Cloud MalwareCloud computing is a great digital technology for businesses, and manufacturing companies should definitely be taking advantage of it. But do so with caution, because cloud malware attacks — both ransomware and other malicious software — are becoming more common. There have been some massive data breaches over the last few years, and while the larger companies have an army of protection options, smaller companies need to search very carefully for the right cloud security software in order to protect themselves within their budgets.
  3. IoTThe Internet of Things is a new phenomenon where a wide variety of products, from washing machines to refrigerators, are enabled with smart technology that includes some kind of wireless connection. Any connection to the internet represents an opportunity for hackers, so whatever smart devices you have in your manufacturing plant — and the number will most likely grow as technology advances and becomes more accessible — need protection using the same safety and encryption measures with which you protect your computers and other digital devices.
  4. PhishingThe tried and true method of hacking software and data programs remains effective, and hackers still use them all the time. The easiest way of gaining entry to a closed digital system is through a fallible human operator. Humans are much more easily fooled than most software programs when it comes to malware, and hackers posing as financial institutions, security organizations or other trusted entities still make contact through email, text or phone to trick users into providing passwords and other critical information they can use to break into a system.

The digital world poses some frightening threats, but the key to fighting them has always been preparedness and vigilance. Make sure you have someone in your organization who can take responsible for cybersecurity and be sure that all of your programs are protected. Always stay on top of the latest news when it comes to cybersecurity threats and make sure you have a plan in place in case of the unfortunate circumstance where you do have some form of data breach.

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