Top 10 OSHA Safety Violations in 2022

Every year, OSHA releases a compilation of its most-cited safety violations. Far from an attempt to shame manufacturers who incurred fines, it’s an opportunity for responsible producers to see which safety standards are most commonly maligned across the industry.

The list of top OSHA violations for 2022 is out, and it’s filled with not-so-surprising violations.

OSHA helps manufacturers prioritize a safety-first mindset

Manufacturing can be a dangerous job, and workplace injuries not only devastate individual employees and their families, they can also damage a company’s reputation and overall bottom line. Workplace accidents hinder a company’s productivity, which can result in hefty fines and other costs from medical, legal, and workers’ compensation expenses.

OSHA continually monitors worksites across the country, alerting employers and safety personnel about common violations. They encourage a safety-first approach to operations, and their citations and violations are critical when it comes to keeping everyone safer while on the job.

OSHA’s top 10 violations for 2022

  1. Fall protection (general) (5,260 citations). For the 12th year in a row, fall protection remains the most significant workplace safety hazard. This standard is designed to protect employees while walking on working surfaces that are 6-feet off the ground, with unprotected sides or edges.
  2. Hazard communication (2,424 citations). Chemical hazards are common in industrial settings, and OSHA’s hazard communication standards govern chemicals produced in the workplace and those imported into it, as well as how those hazards are communicated to workers.
  3. Respiratory protection (2,185 citations). At worksites where employees must wear respirators to protect themselves, OSHA’s respiratory protection standard covers rules for employee training and respirator selection, as well as how they’re used, cleaned, maintained, and repaired.
  4. Ladders (2,143 citations). This OSHA standard governs requirements for all ladders on a jobsite. Citations in this area are up from 2021.
  5. Scaffolding (2,058 citations). Scaffolding must be designed by qualified professionals and constructed in accordance with that design. Again, violations for this standard are up from 2021.
  6. Lockout/tagout (1,977 citations). This incredibly important safety standard is designed to protect maintenance personnel at worksites. It outlines minimum performance requirements for controlling hazardous energy during maintenance. Violations for this standard jumped significantly from 2021 to 2022.
  7. Powered industrial trucks (1,749 citations). From forklifts to motorized handtrucks, this OSHA standard governs the design, maintenance, and operation of all powered industrial trucks, as well as operator training requirements.
  8. Fall protection (training) (1,556 citations). This OSHA standard specifically focuses on training requirements for employees regarding fall protection situations.
  9. PPE and safety equipment (1,401 citations). OSHA’s personal protective equipment (PPE) standards, especially eye and face protection standards, are incredibly important for many manufacturing employees. It requires employers to provide sufficient eye and face protection to protect from chemical, environmental, mechanical, or radiological irritants.
  10. Machine guarding (1,370 citations). OSHA’s machine guarding standards outline necessary safeguards that protect employees from flying chips, rotating parts, sparks, and other hazards associated with the machines they work with each day.

OSHA citations aren’t about fines — they’re about fixing problems

OSHA citations and violations aren’t designed to penalize companies; rather, they’re put in place to protect employees and businesses. Many of the violations on the OSHA top 10 list appear year after year. Businesses need to do better. Taking steps to implement an effective health and safety program can not only save lives and prevent injury, it also can save businesses money.

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