Time Saving Tips For Disassembly

Whenever something needs to be fixed, you must first take it apart. This part of the process often proves more time consuming than repairing the broken part itself.  Here are some time saving tips to ease the headaches that can come with disassembly.

First – Torque  By Hand

Stripping out screws during the disassembly process can turn a job that would have taken minutes into an hours long headache.The two most common culprits of this calamity are the hand drill and being in a hurry. Before unscrewing hardware it is advisable to first attempt to loosen it by using hand tools first and then finishing the job with a drill. The reason for this is that when machinery components are assembled at the factory, they are often torqued down very tight and sometimes sealed with a locking epoxy. Attempting to use a hand drill will likely result in the screw striping out. Using a deliberate approach by hand will make it much easier to determine if you are about to damage the screw head or not.

Keep Track Of Your Tools

Walk into any tool crib and inspect their socket sets. Chances are great that most of them are missing half a dozen pieces – most often the type that is used frequently. Scrambling around looking for tools is the last thing you want to be doing when in a machine down situation. Keeping regular inventory on your toolsets is important to save time in a crunch.

If Man Built It, Man Can Take It Apart

Whenever you must pry, tear, hammer or otherwise damage something to take it apart you are likely doing something wrong or using an incorrect tool for the job. Whenever you are in the situation where you feel the need to be destructive in order to get something apart, it is time to reexamine what you are doing. Most manufacturers do not want their products taken apart and will go to some lengths to prevent this. Looking for secret screws hidden under labels, or things such as locking tabs and sliding panels will often solve the problem rather than breaking the device in the process of trying to fix it.

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