Testing Siemens Simovert MasterDrives

How can you fully load and function test a repaired Siemens Simovert MasterDrive with the Motor? You will need a Custom Engineered Test Stand! Our test stand featured in the video below will allow us to fully load and test MasterDrives and Motors whether they have incremental or absolute encoders or a resolver.
Siemens Simovert generates a three phase system from the DC link voltage, using IGBT modules, to feed the motor. They are suitable for single or multi motor usage with induction motors, synchronous motors, and reluctance motors and can be used in two quadrant operation or even 4 quadrant when using the breaking option.

Simovert MasterDrives can be found in many different applications such as:
• Foil machines
• Packaging machines
• Rolling mill machines
• Textile machines

Please check out the video below to see our Siemens MasterDrive Custom Engineered Test Stand.

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