Sustainability is a Major Goal for Most Manufacturers

With each new year comes the opportunity to focus on new priorities and goals. In a recent survey by the Manufacturing Leadership Council about their goals for the future, manufacturers overwhelmingly reported that, in 2023 and beyond, sustainability initiatives are top of mind. It’s confirmation of manufacturing’s pledge to be an environmental steward at a time when Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) policies are center stage for major companies.

Sustainability is top of mind in 2023

Recent polling by the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) leadership council reflects a growing trend in the industry — manufacturers are pursuing sustainable initiatives at an increasing rate. In fact, 58% of respondents stated that sustainability is essential to future competitiveness, up from 38% just the year before. Moreover, more than two-thirds of manufacturing executives report that they’re already implementing corporate-wide sustainability strategies — nearly double the number reported in 2019.

What’s driving the changes? Manufacturers are motivated by more than regulatory compliance or cost savings — sustainability better aligns with their corporate values. As producers seek to improve and sustain their reputation with customers and investors, they realize that greener, eco-friendly ways of doing business are the way forward. It’s good for people, profits, and the planet.

Long-term goals involve sustainable planning

Even in the face of struggles — like an impending economic slowdown — manufacturers are prioritizing sustainable goals and strategies. Producers are investing in energy-efficient technologies and making the move toward renewable, clean energy sources.

In fact, 45% of study respondents report progress toward formal net-zero emission goals. These investments will continue even in times of recession or tight labor markets — and the recent survey reflects sustainability’s increasing centrality to the future of manufacturing.

The pandemic was a major catalyst for pushing producers to think further into the future and to reassess their stance on industry-shaping forces. While no one could have predicted the Black Swan event of a global pandemic, climate change and environmental stewardship are tangible. Manufacturers are seizing control where they can, to ensure better outcomes in the future.

Sustainability = responsibility in manufacturing

Manufacturers are holding themselves to a higher standard than ever before — after all, the health of the planet depends upon responsible solutions not just for energy and material consumption, but also for people.

Some companies are investing in digital solutions to monitor and manage material consumption, while others are greening their supply chain and investing in employee training to boost engagement and support “green” thinking in day-to-day operations.

By committing to eco-friendly goals and prioritizing the needs of employees, manufacturers can accomplish ESG goals that lead to cleaner and more efficient operations. Customers and stakeholders are looking closely at companies, so make sure they’re looking at you for all the right reasons by supporting sustainable goals in the new year and beyond.

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