Summer Shutdowns

Summertime shutdowns can often equate to summertime sadness for many manufacturing industries. Often times in these shutdown periods companies are struggling with budget constraints, low sales and possible impending layoffs.

Last month GM announced that two US plants would extend their regularly scheduled two week shutdown to five weeks. This announcement comes after an 11 percent decline in car sales.

How can your company make the best of these shutdowns?

Many manufacturers, especially in the Auto industry, are utilizing summertime shutdowns to do maintenance they otherwise wouldn’t be able to stop production to complete. This is an excellent opportunity to run tolerance tests, do preventative maintenance, complete inspections and replace parts on production lines. Planned summertime shutdowns do have a positive side as they are generally good for business in the long run.

These shutdowns lead to more efficient production, fewer failures and better processes and procedures. There is also the added benefit of reducing the energy, materials, safety hazards, and waste associated with manufacturing.

There are 5 phases of a shutdown. Most companies plan for these months in advance.

Phase 1

Planning- this step involves the key players negotiating a schedule that works for all affected parties as well as budgeting planning and cost analysis.

Phase 2

Coordination- this step outlines the order on which things will be done, which line will shutdown first, etc. This will include internal teams and may also involve outside contractors.

Phase 3

Procurement- in this step you will procure equipment and materials as well as bid on contracts and negotiate prices for outside vendors.

 Phase 4

Execution- in this step the shutdown actually occurs and repairs, maintenance and upgrades take place.

Phase 5

Return to Service- this step usually includes a series of tests before leading back up to full production.

During your summertime shutdown allow Global Electronic Services to help you keep your maintenance cost in line. Our repairs are priced at 50-60% the cost of new, so if you have an existing piece of equipment that is critical our fully refurbished repairs will be the most cost effective solution.

If you are sourcing new parts for upgrades, backups, spares or just looking to refill your parts crib we offer New, Refurbished, and Surplus parts as well as specialize in Old and Obsolete equipment.

Contact Global Electronic Services to help your summertime shutdown be a summertime success.

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