Siemens Simodrive 611 Card Repair

Repairing a Siemens Simodrive 611 card is an intricate and multi-step process. This article details the step-by-step process of repairing the card, but be sure to check out our YouTube video to see the process in action.

  • A customer reported that this Simodrive wouldn’t power up, so our technician began by walking the customer through a step-by-step process over the phone to determine whether or not the card is in fact the problem.
  • The technician starts by checking the power supply section of the board with a volt meter and found there was a ripple on the supply, which is most often caused by the supply itself as well as noise filter capacitors.
  • Once the technician changes out the bad capacitors, he will load test in our Siemen Servo Test Drive Stand by removing a known, good servo card and replacing it with the unit he’s working on.
  • By turning on the power to the stand and checking the card’s display, the technician can see the unit still appears to be dead.
  • This extra layer of assurance by using a test stand allows us to make sure all units are properly repaired before shipping out, as powering up the card on a work bench would’ve indicated that the issue was resolved.
  • The technician now checks the switching portion of the power supply, as we know our test stand is providing necessary external power to the card which indicates the digital switch IC is defective.
  • Next, the technician changes out the IC before function testing the card again in the test stand.
  • Another test in the stand shows the card is properly working.
  • Next, we engage the servo motor to load test the unit to assure it’s working properly.

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