Sentury Tire Announces A New Manufacturing Plant in Georgia

United States consumers typically have an urge to purchase products manufactured in the USA. This fact, combined with open expanses of land and tax incentives have made even foreign manufacturers consider manufacturing operations in the United States. The southeast, in particular, has welcomed the growth from companies such as Nissan, Volkswagen and Kia. Sentury Tire plans to be the next in the line of foreign manufacturing based in the USA.

Sentury Tire is a Chinese tire company, with manufacturing operations in China and Thailand. Sentury has announced a new $430 million plant, sprawling across 400 acres in LaGrange, Georgia. This plant will incorporate 1.4 million square-feet in manufacturing space. They plan on producing 12 million tires per year, all the while adding at minimum 1,000 jobs to the local economy.

The tire manufacturer will add a proving ground, test track and research and development to the facility. All in all, the planned expansion will only add to a rapidly expanding list of foreign manufacturers choosing to move operations to the USA. Many Americans hope to see their local economies grow continuously. For the job market, given the current trend of expansion by foreign companies into the USA, it can only mean expanded competition and employment for not only the US worker, but the foreign employer as well.

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