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Our selection includes new, refurbished and surplus specialty switches ideal for heavy machinery and industrial applications. 

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What Are Specialty Switches?

The category of specialty switches encompasses a wide range of light-, medium- and heavy-duty switches for both industrial and residential applications. Examples of specialty switches include:

  • – Limit switches
  • – AC/DC toggle switches
  • – Rotary switches
  • – Flushed and raised indicator lights
  • – Lever and pull chain switches

While numerous examples of specialty switches exist, limit switches are ideal for electrical engineering and heavy machinery applications. Limit switches can be part of a machine’s control system or act as a safety interlock. They can also count enumerating objects as they pass a certain point in a mechanism. 

Limit switches come with a variety of actuators, including:

  • – Nylon wobble stick
  • – Lever
  • – Spring return
  • – Side push rod
  • – Wire wobble stick

When to Use Specialty Switches

With so many specialty switch subcategories to choose from, there are countless uses for this versatile piece of equipment. Residential applications include home appliances, ceiling fixtures and fans. However, the majority of uses are for industrial applications. Industrial switches can be for industrial motors, refrigeration units, marine equipment, agricultural machinery, refinery equipment, manufacturing components and more. 

Things to Consider When Buying Specialty Switches

Specialty switches can have unique designs for specific applications. Your requirements and project scope will determine which piece of equipment is best for your purposes. When looking for the perfect replacement switch, you should consider:

  • – Power: How much amperage and voltage does your project require?
  • – Actuator: Do you need a button, dial, rod, knob or lever? 
  • – Circuitry: What type of circuitry and how many circuits does your machine need?
  • – Light: Does your application require an illuminated switch?

Benefits of Partnering With Global Electronic Services

At Global Electronic Services, our inventory includes specialty switches that come with a range of actuators, voltages and torque ratings. In addition to carrying refurbished and new items, we also stock obsolete specialty switches for any older machinery your company still uses. 

When your business needs assistance repairing a machine or replacing a part, our experienced team is ready to help. Our factory-trained and certified technicians are on hand to evaluate your machine, advise you on the next steps and provide fast repairs. We pride ourselves on offering our customers the highest-quality service, which is why our in-house repairs come with an 18-month warranty. 

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Our commitment to providing unsurpassed customer service means offering the highest-quality new, refurbished and obsolete parts. We also provide an exceptional repair service with an average turnaround time of one to five days. We understand that a broken machine costs your company money every day, which is why we offer a free one to two-day rush service for emergencies.

Our selection of specialty switches is extensive, and our commitment to affordable pricing means we’ll beat any competitor’s estimate by 10%. Enjoy superior customer service, fast turnaround times and reliable repairs at Global Electronic Services. Visit our website to request a quote or contact our knowledgeable team at 877-249-1701. With 24/7 customer service, we’re happy to give you more information on our services at any time. 

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