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If your company uses commercial or industrial machinery such as fans, pumps, compressors or other heavy equipment on the job site, you know the importance of a high-functioning electric motor. Your motors are key components in the workplace, generating essential power for your factory or warehouse. That’s why your company must have the tools and resources necessary to safeguard your electric motors from internal complications and damage.

You can protect your equipment from power loss and overloads with motor connector kits containing vital equipment such as starters and protective controls. When your motors are protected, your company can function productively without interruptions or complications.

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What Are Motor Connector Kits?

Motor connector kits are electromechanical devices such as motor starters and controls that protect the main circuit from damage. This equipment typically includes manual “on” and “off” switches, fuseless protection features and wiring to protect the motor against short-circuiting, phase failures and overloads.

Some of the primary features of motor connector kits include:

  • – Manual controls.
  • – Disconnection features.
  • – Temperature compensation.
  • – Adjustable current settings.
  • – Overload protection.
  • – Magnetic trip indication.

Applications of Industrial Motor Connector Kits

Motor connectors are useful for a wide array of electric motors. These protect both synchronous and asynchronous motors and are suitable for contactor-controlled and circuit breaker motors.

Regardless of what motor type your company uses, you can use industrial connectors for various drive applications, including:

  • – Pumps.
  • – Fans.
  • – Mills.
  • – Compressors.
  • – Crushers.
  • – Motor generators.
  • – Machine tools.

How Does a Manual Motor Starter Work?

If your industrial equipment is experiencing complications, you can manually trigger the built-in button, switch or toggle mounted on the starter to stop electrical processes from continuing. When you set off the manual switch, its mechanical linkages force the motor’s contacts to open and close, starting and stopping the motor.

What Causes Short-Circuiting?

Knowing what causes motors to short-circuit is a great way to prevent these faults from happening — especially when your company owns valuable heavy equipment. Electric motors can short-circuit for several reasons, including:

  • – Long-term motor overloading.
  • – Insulation damage caused by friction, heat or wire insertion.
  • – Reduced insulation resistance.
  • – Oil stains caused by foreign materials.

With industrial motor connector kits, your company can protect your motors from these common issues.

Benefits of Motor Connector Kits

Motor connector kits include motor starters and protective controls that can provide many essential advantages to your industrial business:

  • Protection features: Motor starters and controls feature many functions that protect your motor against overload, short-circuiting and phase loss sensitivity.
  • Reduced downtime: When motors are protected from system failures, you reduce the risk of complications that can create downtime in your facility.
  • Cost savings: When you prevent major equipment failure, you ultimately save your company money on expensive repairs and downtime.

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