Combination Starter Disconnect

Industrial equipment requires the use of large amounts of electricity. With this amount of current in the circuits, it is essential to have protections in place to protect the equipment and workers. 

A combination starter disconnect combines these three elements to provide comprehensive control and protection for industrial electronics:

  • – A manual or automatic control device
  • – Motor overload protection
  • – A disconnect device with short circuit protection

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What Is a Combination Starter Disconnect?

A combination starter disconnect is one enclosure that includes two devices:

  • Starter: A starter controls the electrical power going to equipment. It can start and stop the equipment as needed for its protection.
  • Disconnect switch: A disconnect switch, also called a safety switch, isolates electrical circuits by interrupting the current flow. Stopping the power flow is necessary in certain situations, like maintenance, shutdowns and switching power sources. 

A circuit breaker or fused disconnect switch will disconnect the line for short-circuit protection. When a fault occurs in any phase, the combination starter will open all the lines to prevent single phasing. When the fault is cleared, it will reset.

Uses for a Combination Starter Disconnect

Combination starters control automated equipment, stopping the electrical flow if there is an overload. This part can power equipment up and down remotely and automatically. Since they are made to handle high electrical currents, combination starters protect equipment during startup and normal operation. You can install combination starter disconnects in control panels or as stand-alone units.

Common Problems and Questions With Combination Starter Disconnects

A combination starter disconnect is different from a non-combination starter. The non-combination starter has a starter, overload and control components. A combination starter has a starter and overloads plus disconnect switches, fuses and a circuit breaker.

If you’re unsure which combination starter disconnect to get, consider the equipment your facility will be using it with. If the starter operates manually, there are limits on the size of equipment it can start. Other limitations include fuse and breaker protection, enclosure ratings and explosion-proof abilities. Keep these factors in mind when looking for a combination starter:

  • – Enclosure configuration
  • – Starter size
  • – Overload relay size
  • – Control voltages
  • – Communication options
  • – Pilot devices

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