Industrial Drive Repair and Replacement

3085–3090 of 3094

AC/DC Drive Repair Process:

To begin the repair on an AC/DC drive a visual inspection is performed.

  • Next meters and signature analysis devices are used to component test.
  • Common failure parts such as capacitors, drive and output transistors, power supplies, SCR’s, and firing circuits are checked first.
  • Common failure parts are tested and replaced as necessary
  • Drive is then powered up
  • While powered up the power supplies are checked as are the outputs for proper wave form
  • A dummy load is applied to the drive and the output waveform is checked with an oscilloscope
  • If proper output is seen the dummy load is removed and the drive is fully load tested with the proper motor and with a dynamometer
  • It is scoped again for proper wave form
  • Entire unit is cleaned and retested
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