Industrial Electronic Cables

Industrial electronic cables are the most common components in electronic device manufacturing. Since electronic devices are becoming more widespread and technologically advanced, they need more power to operate than ever before. Electronic cables are a consistent, reliable connectivity solution. 

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Types of Industrial Electronic Cables

Industrial electronic cables serve as the conductor or group of conductors that transmit telecommunications and power signals through flexible glass or plastic fibers, aluminum or copper. Having the right cable for your devices is key to using them effectively. 

Explore some of the types of cables for various applications below.

Drive Cable Assemblies

Drive cable assemblies are used within and between devices to transport data. In computers, these cables connect motherboards and host controllers to hard drives. Some types of drive cables include:

  • – IDE cables.
  • – eSATA cables.
  • – Slim SATA cables.
  • – SATA cables.
  • – SAS cables.
  • – Micro SATA cables.
  • – SCSI cables.

Cable Assemblies

Servo drive cable assemblies are used with servo drive systems to connect CNC machines to supply power current and transmit data. With these cables, the servo motor can make automatic adjustments for industrial processes based on feedback. These cable assemblies are used in motor construction and industrial fields that call for intelligent servo motors.

Motor Control Cable Assemblies

Motor control cable assemblies transmit signals to supply the motor with energy. Since they’re used with motors, these cables are designed to handle high amounts of current and voltage. Within the cable are cores that connect to the phases and multiple conductors. Motor control cables also measure and regulate automated process transmissions.

Applications for Industrial Electronic Cables

Each type of industrial electronic cable is made for a specific application. Cables are used for various devices in industries such as:

  • – Aerospace and defense.
  • – Energy.
  • – Consumer and commercial goods.
  • – Power.
  • – Computer hardware.
  • – Telecommunications and networking.

Common Problems and Questions With Industrial Electronic Cables

Though the terms seem interchangeable, cables and wires are different parts. Wires have a single-stranded solid copper or aluminum connector, and they are used to create cables. Cables consist of several wires bound in an insulated sheath.

Regardless of which type of industrial electronic cable you need, it’s important to keep their flexibility in mind. Some cables are constructed to be flexible in automated processes, so they can be routed where needed. Other cables cannot be flexed this way and should be handled carefully.

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