Cable Assemblies

Cable assemblies serve to defend essential wires and cables against damaging exposure to dust, moisture, extreme temperatures and other potential dangers. 

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What Are Cable Assemblies?

A cable assembly is a rubber, vinyl or thermoplastic jacket that wraps around and encases a group of wires or cables. While a wire harness exposes separated wires, a cable assembly covers and provides them with added protection. A cable assembly essentially works as a single unit, while each wire in a wire harness works independently. 

The outer jacket protects the cables from environmental factors like fire and moisture while protecting people from the electricity running within. In addition to defending the wires against environmental factors, the industrial-grade jacket also protects them from chemical substances and more general wear and tear. 

Features and Uses

Because there are numerous applications for cable assemblies, they are available in various colors, lengths and sizes. The jacket material is also customizable depending on the cables’ location and the materials they’ll interact with.

Cable assemblies are durable, long-lasting and structured, making them ideal for a number of industrial uses, including:

  • – Protecting wires and cables from extreme weather, corrosive materials and wear. 
  • – Organizing wires and cables for a more efficient workday and increased ease of use. 
  • – Using cables for outdoor applications where extra protection is essential.
  • – Keeping contractors and technicians safe from electrical currents. 

Why Buy Cable Assemblies at Global Electronic Services?

Our large selection of cable assemblies allows your company to choose products specific to your project requirements. Our inventory has the colors, length and materials for your unique business needs, so you can be confident that you’ll get the protection your cables require. 

What’s more, cable assemblies consist of high-quality industrial-grade materials that last, so you can save money and reduce the risk of losing essential wires or injuring employees and contractors.


Though countless businesses harness the benefits of cable assemblies for their operations, many users still have questions about their design, uses and specifications. 

How Many Wires Are in a Cable Assembly?

There’s no set amount of wires in a cable assembly, which means you can choose the size that best suits your needs. The wires within the assembly depend entirely on your specific application and what you require them to transmit.

Are Cable Assemblies Safe for Outdoor Use?

Cable assemblies are ideal for outdoor use, as the outer jacket protects cables and wires from extreme temperatures and weather conditions. 

Is a Cable Assembly the Same as a Wire Harness? 

No, a cable assembly and a wire harness are two different things. A cable assembly consists of an outer jacket that encloses the wires and cables to form one unit. A wire harness exposes individually separated wires for various purposes.

Buy Industrial Cable Assemblies Today

At Global Electronic Services, we’re committed to providing you with products that meet our high quality and safety standards. We carry surplus, new and refurbished parts for various industrial applications. Our extensive inventory of cable assembly options ensures you can find the perfect product for your specific needs. What’s more, our dedication to affordability means we’ll beat any competitor’s price by 10%. 

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