Pack-A-Pallet To Celebrate Independence Day With GES


Fireworks, barbecues, and celebrating the freedom that built this nation — that’s what the Fourth of July is all about. But for manufacturers, it’s also a time to turn your attention to the equipment that keeps your production lines running smoothly. This Independence Day, GES is celebrating with our special “Pack-A-Pallet” promotion: a chance to save on repairs for your critical industrial equipment.

Double down on savings and efficiency

Acting proactively can free you from the burden of hefty repair bills in the future, especially during times when production might already be impacted by holiday schedules. The July Fourth shutdown presents an opportunity to address potential equipment issues before they escalate into costly breakdowns during peak production periods. Think of it as a preventive measure to keep your equipment running smoothly for the long haul.

Our “Pack-A-Pallet” promotion allows you to take advantage of discounted shipping rates and the expedient service offered by GES during the July Fourth lull in production. It translates to significant savings on repairs for your essential equipment!

Your trusted partner in industrial equipment repair

At GES, we understand the critical role your industrial equipment plays in manufacturing success. The numerous parts and pieces that keep each device running are delicate, and summer presents no shortage of challenges. High heat, humidity, dust, surges from electrical storms — they all take their toll during the warmer months of the year. That’s why we offer repair services for a wide range of equipment:

  • Industrial motors and drives: From AC/DC motors to VFDs, our team has the expertise to diagnose and repair any equipment slowing down your operations.
  • Industrial controls and PLCs: We have the knowledge and experience to handle complex repairs for PLCs and other industrial control systems, ensuring optimal performance and production efficiency.
  • Hydraulics and pneumatics: Our technicians are well versed in repairing hydraulic and pneumatic systems, keeping your equipment functioning at peak capacity.

“Pack-A-Pallet” with GES

Ready to Pack-A-Pallet and send your equipment to one of our facilities for service, calibration, or repairs? Save 15% on any repairs of three or more items this July.

  1. Give us a call or reach out through our website to discuss your equipment repair needs.
  2. We’ll help you ship your equipment to one of our facilities at the most economical rate.
  3. Our team will thoroughly assess your equipment and provide you with a quote.
  4. Once you approve the quote, our skilled technicians will get to work on your items.

We’ll ship your equipment back to you in 1-5 days (standard), giving you plenty of time to get your items back up and running before the summer slump ends and regular production resumes.

Celebrate Independence Day with confidence

Don’t let potential equipment problems loom over your manufacturing operation this Independence Day. Take advantage of our July “Pack-A-Pallet” deal and celebrate freedom — freedom from breakdowns, freedom from unexpected repair costs, and freedom from distractions that steal your focus away from growing your business. Let’s work together to ensure your equipment is operating at peak performance, ready to conquer any production challenge that comes your way.

You can always count on the professionals at Global Electronic Services. Take stock of your equipment, pack it up, and send it to us for a free quote on repairs. You can also contact us for all your industrial electronic, servo motor, AC and DC motor, hydraulic, and pneumatic needs — and don’t forget to like and follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and X!
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